Angle of Initiation, Burden Relief or First Movement is not rendering correctly

This guide is applicable to all version of SHOTPlus™

 If you are experiencing issues when displaying Angle of Initiation, Burden Relief, or First Movement calculations, this guide will help you resolve this.

Occasionally in SHOTPlus™, you may see only part of a blast plan get rendered when selecting Angle of Initiation, Burden Relief, or First Movement calculations. See an example of this in Figure 1.



This is caused due to the Blast Boundary. When old SHOTPlus™ files are used to create a new blast plan, the blast boundary of the previous plan is still present. To view the previous Blast boundary, go to the Layer Manager and make the Blast boundary layer visible. 





To fix this rendering problem, a new Blast boundary must be created. Select all blast holes in the new blast plan. Go to Tools - General Functions - Create blast bounds. Select the distance to offset from holes and select OK. A new blast boundary is created and Angle of Initiation, Burden Relief, and First Movement calculations will now render correctly.



Please raise a support ticket with BlastIQ Support if you are still experiencing any issues after following the above guide.

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