SHOTPlus™: Explosive product database migration


SHOTPlus™ Variant:
6.20.1 and above
KBA Summary:

This KBA provides an overview of the changes made to SHOTPlus™ to support the application's migration to the BlastIQ™ product database. For more detailed information, please refer to the Related Articles section at the bottom of the page.


SHOTPlus™ is being migrated to the BlastIQ™ product database, where products will be managed at a site level through the BlastIQ™ admin portal. The existing infrastructure, which supported a global region-level product list, is being retired by the end of 2024.

Previous behaviour

In SHOTPlus™ versions prior to 6.20.1, the application queried a database called the Blast Management System (BMS) Console to populate a regional product list within the application. 

New behaviour

Starting from version 6.20.1, SHOTPlus™ will require users to log in to BlastIQ™ to select a site and load their product list. The BlastIQ™ product list will only be populated with explosive products relevant to that site.

In existing files, products that reference the old database will no longer be supported and will be referred to as “unsupported products”.

New files Existing Files

From version 6.20.1, SHOTPlus™ will now query the product list associated with the selected BlastIQ™ site. Users can select a site by navigating to "Set Site and Resources" in the BlastIQ™ menu.


Once the user has synced to BlastIQ™, product lists will cache locally on their device for offline access.

Upon creating a new file, users are prompted to log into BlastIQ™ to retrieve a product list. If users opt to do this later, only stemming and air products will be available in the file. Please refer to this article for more information on adding products to a new file. 

Managing a Product List

Users with BlastIQ™ Site Admin privileges are able to assign or un-assign products from their site list. For more information on how to do this, please refer to this article.

The products available to be assigned to a site will comply with regional restrictions. If a required product does not exist in the products to choose from in the BlastIQ™ Admin portal, please contact BlastIQ™ Support and share the relevant Technical Data Sheet (TDS) for reference.


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