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This KBA details the hole property of 'Slice Direction' in SHOTPlus™ and how it can be edited


Slice direction is a property assigned to holes in SHOTPlus™ that describes the direction, as a bearing, that burden is measured in. By default, slice direction is equal to the bearing of the blasthole.

However, bearing and slice direction are two different properties. Bearing describes the direction an angled hole is drilled in. Editing the bearing property in SHOTPlus™ will alter the position of the blasthole, if angled. Editing the slice direction of a blasthole will only change the direction that burden is calculated in, not the position of the blasthole.

Slice direction is represented in SHOTPlus™ by Burden markers. To view Burden markers in SHOTPlus™:

      1. Navigate to the Visibility manager.
      2. Expand the Hole track section.
      3. Check the Design Burden Marker checkbox.



The below diagram uses burden markers to illustrate the difference between bearing and slice direction using three angled holes with different bearings and slice directions. The leftmost and middle holes have identical bearings and slice directions of 0° and 25° respectively. With both of these examples, both the hole and the slice directions (represented by the burden marker) are orientated in the same direction. The rightmost hole has a bearing of 0°, but a slice direction of 45°. With this example, the hole is oriented north, but the slice direction is orientated northeast at 45°. 


Setting Slice Direction

By default, slice direction is equal to the bearing of the blasthole.

To edit the profile slice direction of holes:

    1. Select the holes that the slice direction will be edited for.
    2. Select Tools > Holes > Correct slice direction of selected from the main toolbar.


    1. Select either:
      • Set to fixed bearing - To manually enter the desired slice direction, in degrees, for all selected holes;
      • Towards registered face - To set the slice direction for all selected holes toward the registered face surface; or
      • Set same as hole bearing - To set the slice direction for all selected holes to the defined hole bearing.


    1. To finish select either:
      • Cancel – to cancel the expansion and close the dialog box.
      • OK – to accept the expansion and close the dialog box.


Profile Tool

When using the Profile tool workbox the slice direction can be edited to alter the direction that Perpendicular, Absolute, and 3D burden are calculated in. To edit the slice direction for a blasthole using the Profile tool workbox:

        1. Open the Profile tool workbox by selecting the icon from the main toolbar.


        1. Select the Profile slice radio button from the Profile tool workbox.
        2. Enter the desired profile slice, in degrees, or use the up and down buttons to set the desired profile slice.


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