Blastholes - Update 'Drill to' Floor Surface

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Version: and above
Article Published:
06 April 2021
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This Knowledge Base Article (KBA) describes how the 'Drill to' floor surface can be updated for designed blastholes.

Register Surface

For blastholes to be drilled to a particular surface in SHOTPlus™ they must be registered via the Surface Manager. To register an existing surface:

  1. Open the Surface Manger from the main toolbar.


  1. Select the surface to register from the main screen - Note: only one surface may be registered at once. Surfaces can also be selected before opening the Surface Manager.
  2. In the Surface Manager dialog box select the surface type you wish to register from the Surface drop down box - Note: Blastholes in SHOTPlus™ can be drilled to any 'Drill floor' or 'Strata' type surface.
  3. Select Register Surface.


  1. To finish select Close.

Once registered, the surface will appear in the Registrations window. Named as the surface type registered, with the layer the particular surface is assigned to in square brackets e.g.:

Surface type A [Layer]

Updating Drill to Surface

To update the Drill to floor surface:

  1. Select the blastholes to be updated.
  2. Right click and select Edit.


  1. In the Edit group of Holes dialog box navigate to the Drilling tab.
  2. Select the Drill to floor surface radio button.
  3. Select the appropriate surface from the Drill to floor surface drop down box.


  1. To finish select either:
    • Cancel - to cancel any changes and close the Edit a group of holes dialog box.
    • Apply - to apply any changes made without closing the Edit a group of holes dialog box.
    • OK - to apply and changes made and close the Edit a group of holes dialog box.
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