Face Surface Burden Heatmap


SHOTPlus™ Variant:
6.9.3 and above
KBA Summary:
This KBA describes the use and functionality of the Face Surface Burden heatmap.


In SHOTPlus™ the burden between blastholes and a registered face surface can be displayed as a heatmap to visually highlight areas of high or low burden.


Face Surface Burden Heatmap

The Face Surface Burden Heatmap, is a continuous heatmap that visually illustrates the burden between a registered face surface, and holes in a blast.

The burden on the heatmap is calculated from each hole in a blast and contoured to the face surface to provide a continuous representation of the calculated burden to holes within a blast from all points along the face surface.

Design Data Functionality Transparency

The burden displayed in the face surface burden heatmap is based on the burden defined in 'Design Data' for each hole type.

To check, or adjust, the burden for a hole type:

  1. Select 'Edit' > 'Design Data' from the SHOTPlus™ Toolbar.


  1. From the 'Hole Type Design Defaults' dialog, select the appropriate hole type using the drop down box or the arrows.
  2. Adjust the Default (Nominal), Maximum, and Minimum burden for each hole type as required.
  3. Select 'OK' to save the changes.


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