How to select a group of objects in SHOTPlus™

A group of objects can be selected in three different ways: 

  1. Select one object first of the group you want to select and then step by step, with the Control key held down, select all the other objects.
  2. Select one object first and then right-click. In the resulting menu, click on either Select Like or Select Exact, depending on what type of objects you want to select.
  3. Option 3: With the Mouse select tool, draw a lasso around all the objects you want to include into the group. To do that, with the left mouse button pressed, start to draw a dotted line around the group of objects. Each time when you want to change the direction of the dotted line, let go of the left mouse button and then left-click again and move the mouse, with the left button pressed, into the new direction until you have drawn a line around all the objects. To close the selection lasso simply draw the line across a previous part of the line and left-click. This selects all objects within the lasso.









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