BlastIQ™ Insights Release Notes - February 2024

BlastIQ™ Insights

February 2024

Updates to BlastIQ™ Insights released on February 2024 bring in new features, improvements and bug fixes. For further information, please contact BlastIQ™ Support at

Update 27th of February 2024


  1. Quantities Over Time Dashboard. Read more here.
    • Added "User" as one of the category filters under "Loaded".
  2. Added validation for image upload.
    • User will not be able to save an image with the same coordinate values.

Update 22nd of February 2024


  1. Design for Outcome Tools - Configuration Dashboard. Read more here.
    • A warning message will be displayed if a user tries to import a plan that already exists.
      • Clicking "Confirm" will completely replace the existing plan's state, causing the loss of any work within ShotPlus.

Update 19th of February 2024


  1. Compliance by Blast Breakdown.  Read more here.

Update 7th of February 2024


  1. Hole Details Panel
    • A new "Drill Data" tab has been added to the hole details panel. This new tab provides users with a concise summary of drilling-related information.  Key details, including the average penetration rate, start time, end time, drill name, operator, and timestamps for both when the event occurred and when it was received. 
    • Relevant Dashboards:
      • Hole Condition
        • Water Presence. Read more here.
        • Temperature. Read more here.
        • Hole Status. Read more here.
        • Potential Misfire. Read more here.
      • Drilling
        • Length. Read more here.
        • XY Position. Read more here.
      • Loading
        • Powder Factor. Read more here.
        • Weight. Read more here.
        • Final Stemming Length. Read more here.
        • Loading by Hole. Read more here
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