Features of SHOTPlus™ Standard vs SHOTPlus™ Premier


Feature SHOTPlus™ Standard SHOTPlus™ Premier

Drawing Tools:

 - Create 3D points, lines, polygons and text (crestlines, toe lines, blast boundaries etc)
 - Measurement tool (calculate dimensions)
 - Layer system for viewing, grouping and managing data
 - Create north marker

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Basic Blast Design:

 - Text, DXF import/export
 - Creating blast templates (loading designs, blast patterns,  settings etc)
 - Managing hole types (front row, production, touch coal  etc)
 - Design data (drill diameters, burden, spacing)
 - Creating blastholes and patterns
 - Edit blasthole collar locations and labels

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Blasthole Charging:

 - Develop basic loading rules for charging design process  (hole length, diameter, angle, type)
 - Loading rules can have multiple decks, initiators and  displayed graphically
 - Specify one variable deck so rule can be applied to holes  of different lengths
 - Save loading rules as templates for future blast designs
 - Apply loading factors to account for known variations in  blasthole diameter

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Non-Electric Initiation Design:

 - Create Exel initiation designs using common surface and  in-hole delays
 - Cord initiation designs
 - Define initiation point(s) and add dummy holes to  simplify tie up
 - Apply auto hook ups to a regular pattern by selecting and  echelon and control row surface delay

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EBS Initiation Design:

 - Create initiation designs based on electronic blasting  systems
 - Develop logging plans and upload data from loggers and  blasters
 - Set individual time offsets within and between holes
 - Automate timing by setting common intra and inter row delays
 - Automate timing using timing tools
 - Create logging paths and plans

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Timing Calculations:

 - Functions for checking and improvement of initiation  design
 - Visualize timing tool
 - Angle of initiation tool
 - First movement tool
 - Burden relief tool
 - Time envelope tool to check MIC
 - Quantities report for IS requirements
 - EBS functions and field reports

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 - Create surfaces from survey data and register surfaces
 - Expand and render surfaces
 - Create data set from a surface, create contours on a  surface
 - Move objects to a surface, create surface intersections



 - Volume wizard to calculate generic volumes from  standard bench designs using survey data


Managing Surveys:

 - Survey point tool to plot survey stations or other  equipment
 - Laser wizard to import survey data
 - Resection calculator
 - Boretrack wizard and hole deviation tool to manage  boretrack survey data


Advanced Blast Design:

 - Creating a baseline and adding rows/pattern to the  baseline
 - Profile tool for management of front row burden
 - Mark out tool to adjust collar locations relevant to  surrounding holes
- Import and visualise profile trace information and automate the identification of strata intercepts. 


Advanced Blasthole Charging:

 - Application of automatic backfill for overdrilled holes
 - More conditions available for loading rules (including  water)
 - Apply loading rules based on strata intercepts
 - Use of loading tables to create multiple variable decks
 - Loading tool for viewing and editing blastholes 


Prediction Tools:

- Time envelope tool to check MIC and vibration

Fragmentation prediction based on rock parameters and loading design



- Export plans, loading rules, tolerances, measurements, and surface tie-up designs to BlastIQ™
- Import plans and measurements from BlastIQ™
- Import deck measurements and sync with BlastIQ™
- Manage BlastIQ™ blast information, including firing time, tags, KPIs, and Notes


Advanced Design Tools:

 - Section tool the creation of section views through an part  of a design
 - Batter wizard  
 - Hole measurement tool to measure distance between two  holes at any point


Blast Management:

 - Hole table to view and manage hole properties
 - Populate hole table by direct data input or from data  imports
 - Input data related to blasthole condition to drive  application of loading rules (eg. water,  temperature, depth)
 - Exclusion zone tool to estimate required exclusion zone based on blast parameters



 - A range of pre-loaded reports for various activities  relating to drill and blast
 - Report designer for advanced users to create custom  reports



  - 24-seam intercept for use of more strata horizons



 - Advanced Vibration Management™ (AVM™) online platform enabling integration from blast design to execution
 - Capture and store results of vibration modelling and monitoring including seed wave analysis
 - For more information about AVM™, click here.

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