Initiation Rules for blast holes with strata surfaces - SHOTPlus Version 6

This article will help you in defining initiation rules when your blast plan has blast holes with multiple charges and the Strata surfaces defined.


Prior to creating initiation rules involving strata surfaces, it is advised to name the different horizons within the blast plan. This will make it much easier when creating the initiation rules. Horizons can be named from Edit -> Blast properties -> Strata definitions.



Creating Initiation rules for holes with Strata Intercepts defined is only slightly different to defining standard Initiation rules. The main difference being that you must include the Horizon as a condition of the rule.

Please follow the below steps to create Initiation rules for holes with strata intercepts.

  1. Open up the Edit loading rules window using the toolbar option and go to the Initiation rules tab.mceclip0.png
  2. Create a new rule with required conditions for all charges in each horizon within your blast plan (note the red box on the side next to the hole diagram showing you which horizon the current initiation rule applies to).
  3. Having previously named each Horizon, will make selecting the required Horizon much easier.
  4. For each rule, add the charge length range and also add the initiation point for each range.
  5. Repeat the steps above until all horizons within the blast plan have an initiation rule created for it.
  6. When all required initiation rules are created, apply the Initiation rules.
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