Initiation Rules - All Horizons in SHOTPlus

Note: This feature will only be available in SHOTPlus version 6 and above. This feature allows users to define the number & location of primers within a blast hole in response to changes in decking structure and charge length resulting from hole depth changes.


1. In the Edit Loading tool, there is an option for initiation rules. 


2. Select New Rule (the parent rule), and choose whether you are using Pyrotechnic or EBS products. Please note that while rules can be written for both Pyrotechnic and EBS within the one rule set, it is recommended to keep these separate. 



3. In the Edit Initiation Rule dialogue box, you can choose to define the following parameters:

  • If the rule is specific to one hole type or all hole types
  • If the rule is specific to all diameters or a range of diameters
  • If the rule is specific to one horizon or all horizons
  • How many charges the rule is for (ie a full column of explosives and one stemming deck, or multiple charges such as baby decking)


4. Add a length range for the rule (Note: multiple length ranges can be defined to accommodate increasing the number of primers for an increasing charge length).


Select the minimum and maximum values for the charge length. Note: If the hole length falls outside of the defined length ranges, no initiation will be applied for the blast hole, so it's important to define ranges that cover both the shortest and longest possible scenarios.


5. Add an initiation point.


  • Select the Initiation product
  • Select the Booster/Primer type and the number of units
  • Select the position of the Initiator (top/middle/bottom/grade/custom)
  • Define the Increment/offset for the initiator 



Click OK.

6. Further length ranges can be added to the same parent rule, that way, when the length of a hole changes after drilling, rules are applied to the adjusted length of the hole automatically so that an engineer doesn't have to manually add these in. 


7. Parent rules can be written for multi deck holes as well. In this case, an initiator design is set for both decks. Select New Rule, and then select the type of initiator to use (EBS or Pyrotechnic). If you already have rules written you will be presented with the option to copy the currently selected rule. 


Define all the parameters for the initiation rule, including the number of charges. Clicking OK will then add another line below the copied rule, with only the number of charges populated as all other parameters are the same. 



8. The range values can be copied from the existing defined rules by selecting the range you want to write a rule for and then clicking Add range. This will pre-populate the values in the dialogue box so that you only need to accept these by clicking OK if they don't need to change. The Charge number is automatically adjusted to 2 in this case as it's being written for the second charge in the hole. This can be repeated for multiple length ranges as well as for increasing number of charges within a blast hole.


9. Initiation rules can be saved to an initiation file, or can be saved as part of a rule file containing both loading and initiation rules. 


EBS Offsets:

A detonator offset is defined as an offset from the EBS hole time.


1. To Add/Edit an EBS offset, click on the Add range or Edit range button.

2. Either double click on the required initiation point or select the initiation line and click Edit initiation point.


3. Add your offset value to the EBS offset field.


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