BlastIQ™ First Measured Length


Release Date:
27th September 2021
KBA Summary:
BlastIQ First Length allows users to perform QA/QC on initial and final recorded hole lengths by keeping a record of the first recorded length.


BlastIQ™ now keeps a record of the first recorded hole length as a separate hole attribute in the system called First Length.

Important Note: Only holes measured after the release date of this feature can have a valid First Length record.


  • First Length and Actual (Measured) Length will be the same when only one hole length value has been recorded.
  • Subsequent hole length records will not update First Length.
  • Clearing hole length clears both Actual (Measured) Length and First Length.

Correcting Data

  • To correct an error when measuring length the first time:
    1. Clear length.
    2. Record new length.
  • To correct an error when measuring length on subsequent entries:
    1. Do NOT clear length.
    2. Update length to the desired value.

Data Access and Visualization

First Length is available in the following parts of the system.

  • BlastIQ™ Insights:
    • Data Export - Holes .csv as Actual First Length.
  • SHOTPlus™:
    • "First Length" added as exportable parameter from SHOTPlus™ Text Exporter.
    • Reportable in FastReports as "First Length".
    • Hole Table display as "First Length".
    • Create an auto surface based on First Length.
    • Display of "First Length" in Edit Hole dialog box.
    • Display of "First Length" property in Hole History parameters table.
    • "First Length" in Drilling Accuracy Analytics View.
    • "First Length" in Hole Depth Variance Analytics View.
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