BlastIQ™ Rename a blast and its implication across the system


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4th March 2023
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This Knowledge Base Article describes how to rename a blast and its implications across the system.


BlastIQ™ Knowledge Base Article provides step-by-step instructions for renaming a blast in BlastIQ Insights and emphasises the implications of renaming blasts throughout the system. Renaming a blast name can significantly impact various components within the system, making it crucial to understand these implications to maintain data integrity and avoid potential issues.

How to rename a blast in BlastIQ™ Insights
  1. From the BlastIQ™ Insights toolbar, select "Blast Management."
  2. On the Blast Management page, choose the plan you want to rename.


  3. Click the "Rename" button.


  4. The Rename modal will open, allowing you to add a new name.
  5. Click the "Save" button when you are done.Navigation4and5.png
How it works in SHOTPlus™

Pre-condition: You have already renamed the blast name using BlastIQ™ Insights.

  1. Launch SHOTPlus™ version #6.16.70 or a later version.
  2. Open the previously exported file to BlastIQ™.
  3. Click on the "Export Plan" / "Import Plan" button.
  4. Login for authentication.
  5. The modal opens and automatically displays the updated blast name.NewPlanName.png
  1. SHOTPlus™
    • Renaming a blast name within Insights does not notify SHOTPlus™ users about the change. As a result, if a user exports an existing plan in SHOTPlus™ without using the new/updated blast name, it will create a new plan instead of updating the existing one; this can lead to data duplication and inconsistencies.
  2. BlastIQ™ External API Integrations.
    • Renaming a blast may also affect integrations with the BlastIQ™ External API, such as Drill System integrations. The new plan name must be used in the API integration after the blast is renamed to avoid integration errors.
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