Export a blast plan from SHOTPlus™ to BlastIQ™ and import field data

SHOTPlus Premier has the ability to upload blast plans to BlastIQ, where they can be used in BlastIQ Mobile, BlastIQ Enabled MMUs and viewed in BlastIQ Insights.  After field device measurements have been recorded, SHOTPlus can be used to import those measurements for viewing and blast planning.

You must have access permissions in BlastIQ for the site you wish to upload a blast plan to or download field data from. 

Step-by-step guide

1. Start a new blast using your SHOTPlus template (which should include your available resources for your site).

2. Design a blast plan in SHOTPlus.

3. Save your design. Please note that each new blast plan needs to have a unique name.

4. To export the plan to the BlastIQ System, either select the BlastIQ menu, Export Plan. Or use the icon on the tool bar. 



5. Sign in using your BlastIQ credentials when required


6. From the export plan dialogue, select your site from the drop-down list. 


7. Once the plan has synchronised with the cloud, your plan will appear in the Drill Plans list on BlastIQ Mobile. 

8. When you have collected data against a blast, to import the information back into SHOTPlus, click on the BlastIQ Menu / Import plan, or use the Import icon in the tool bar. The information will then be displayed in SHOTPlus.





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