BlastIQ™ Mobile - Viewing browser console log

When investigating an error that has occured in BlastIQ Mobile (usually when the app displays the message "An error has occured"), a support engineer may ask for the error details from the browser console. Follow these instructions to view the browser console on a Panasonic Toughpad (most devices will be similar).

1. Press the Windows hardware button which will allow you to view the TaskbarInkedIMG_0340_LI.jpg

2. Press the Keyboard button in the quick launch section of the Taskbar


3. Press anywhere on BlastIQ Mobile to close the start menu and give BlastIQ Mobile window focus


4. Change the keyboard settings to show the full keyboard layout


5. Press the Fn button to show the Function Keys


6. Press the F12 key and the Chrome Console will appear.


7. Any errors will appear highlighted in Red. Expand the full text of any errors using the '>' symbol and photograph the screen or copy the text and send to BlastIQ Support

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