BlastIQ™ Insights Release Notes - January 2024

BlastIQ™ Insights

January 2024

Updates to BlastIQ™ Insights released on January 2024 bring in new features, improvements and bug fixes. For further information, please contact BlastIQ™ Support at

Update 24th of January 2024


  1. Quantities Over Time Dashboard improvements. Read more here.
    • Length and weight values are now displayed in one decimal place.
    • Modified the label "Drill" to "Drill Name" (Drilled -> Length -> Drill Name)
    • Implemented a hover-over feature in the table view. 
    • Icons for copy to clipboard and download functions have been updated.


  1. Quantities Over Time Dashboard bug fixes. Read more here.
    • Fixed column table widths.
      • The date and values in the table view are now fully visible and function as expected when zooming in or out.  This resolves the previous issue of truncation.
    • Corrected the sorting of diameters; previously, it was arranged from smallest to largest, and it now sorts from largest largest to smallest.
    • Fixed the title issue.
    • Fixed the issue where the thousand separator was missing in the summary total table view.

Update 18th of January 2024


  1. Quantities Over Time Dashboard.  Read more here.


  1. Hole Details Panel
    • A new tab called "Details" has been added to the hole details panel, presenting users with design, drill, and measured data.
    • Relevant Dashboards:
      • Hole Condition
        • Water Presence. Read more here.
        • Temperature. Read more here.
        • Hole Status. Read more here.
        • Potential Misfire. Read more here.
      • Drilling
        • Length. Read more here.
        • XY Position. Read more here.
      • Loading
        • Powder Factor. Read more here.
        • Weight. Read more here.
        • Final Stemming Length. Read more here.
        • Loading by Hole. Read more here


  1. Fixed the problem related to percentage values in the Water Presence chart on the Underground Overview dashboard when specific conditions are chosen. The tooltip value now corresponds to the value shown in the donut section.
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