BlastIQ™ Underground Desktop - Activation and Licensing

BlastIQ™ Underground Desktop
1.1.0 and above
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This article describes how to activate and licence the BlastIQ™ Underground Desktop application.

BlastIQ™ Licencing

The BlastIQ™ Underground Desktop application must be activated using a BlastIQ™ Licence.

BlastIQ™ licences are assigned to a BlastIQ™ site with a number of assigned 'seats'. Each activation of a BlastIQ™ Underground Desktop application consumes a seat.

Prior to attempting to activate an instance of BlastIQ™ Underground Desktop, users should ensure:

  1. They have valid BlastIQ™ credentials; and
  2. A seat for the BlastIQ™ Underground Desktop application has been assigned to their credentials.

If users have not been assigned a seat, they should contact their BlastIQ™ Site Administrator, referencing this Knowledge Base Article.

Once BlastIQ™ Underground Desktop has been activated using a BlastIQ™ licence, the local activation is valid for up to 30 days. This enables users to operate in an offline environment for up to 30 days. Within 30 days this activation must be renewed, or the local activation will expire and the application will not launch.

Logging using BlastIQ™ Credentials 

When launching BlastIQ™ Underground for the first time users will be asked to log in using their BlastIQ™ Credentials.

To log in:

1. Select the 'LOGIN' button on BlastIQ™ Underground Desktop.

A BlastIQ™ Login window will be opened in the default browser. From this window

  1. Enter your BlastIQ™ registered email address.
  2. Select 'Login'.
  3. Enter your BlastIQ™ password in the screen presented.

Activating BlastIQ™ Underground Desktop Using a BlastIQ™ Licence

  1. Launch the BlastIQ™ Underground Desktop application.
  2. Log in to BlastIQ™ if required.
  3. Select 'Licence'.

BlastIQ™ Underground Desktop will present the user with a list of licences where seats have been assigned to their BlastIQ™ credentials, the expiry date of the licence, the BlastIQ™ site the licence is associated with, and any add-ons that are associated with the licence.

  1. Check the box next to the correct licence in this list.
  2. Click 'Select License'.

BlastIQ™ Underground Desktop will verify the supplied credentials and activate the BlastIQ™ Underground Desktop application, consuming a seat on the selected licence.

Upon successful activation, BlastIQ™ Underground will show a success message detialing the name of the activated licence and the local activation expiry date.

Releasing an Activation

Releasing an activation is currently managed through the BlastIQ™ Admin portal. For more information see the Knowledge Base Article here.

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