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This Knowledge Base Article (KBA) provides an in-depth understanding of Type 2 Rules, their intended usage, and their behaviour in both SHOTPlus™ and the BlastIQ™ ecosystem.
Loading Design Loading Rules

A Loading Design is the deck and initiation structure applied to a hole. The Loading Design can be generated by the application of a Loading Rule or manually defined by a user in SHOTPlus™. For more information on manually defined loading and its behaviour in SHOTPlus™ and BlastIQ™, read more here.

Charging Rules
Type 1 Charging Rules Type 2 Charging Rules

Type 1 Charging Rules are charging rules which are supported by BlastIQ™ and will apply to holes in BlastIQ™ Mobile and LOADPlus™ based on updated hole conditions.

Behaviour in SHOTPlus™
Loading Rule Application Exporting to BlastIQ™ Importing from BlastIQ™

When applying Loading Rules in SHOTPlus™, Type 2 Charging Rules are applied the same as Type 1 Charging Rules, with the Loading Design being updated based on the hole's design conditions or measurements.

Behaviour in BlastIQ™
Loading Rules Loading Design

Where loading rules are present, normal behaviour for plans in BlastIQ is for loading rules to be re-applied:

  1. When the plan is exported.
  2. When the condition for a hole is updated.

This behaviour ensures that the loading design for a hole is based on the latest condition of the hole.

Holes that have been tagged as Loading Rules Disabled will be excluded from rule re-application in both cases, ensuring the loading design is not replaced.

Recommended Workflow

When using Type 2 rules, the following workflow is recommended to ensure that the Loading Design for a hole aligns with the conditions for that hole prior to loading.

  1. Apply Loading Rules in SHOTPlus™ to design holes.
  2. Export plan to BlastIQ™.
  3. Record drilling QA/QC in BlastIQ™.
  4. Import the latest measurements into SHOTPlus™.
  5. Reapply loading rules to ensure that Type 2 Charging Rules are applied to the appropriate holes.
  6. Export plan to BlastIQ™ to ensure the most accurate loading design is exported to the field.


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