Viewing AVM Modelling Results In BlastIQ Insights

Results for AVM Modelling can be viewed via the BlastIQ Insights Application.


1. Load the BlastIQ Insights application. The page will redirect through the required login procedure before requiring the user to select the site for which they want to view modelling. Only sites for which the user has access will be displayed.


2. Select a site to continue. The insights application will load to a default dashboard. If AVM is available for a site, it will appear on the list on the left hand side menu.


3. Select AVM from the left hand side menu to continue to the modelling results. A summary of all modelling jobs submitted for the site are displayed in the Predictions Tab. 


A summary of the Modelling Domains configured for the site are visible under the Modelling Domains Tab.



4. Further information about a modelling job can be accessed by selecting a job from the list of predictions.


5. The Job summary page provides high level information on the job, including a predicted vibration and/or air blast result for each point of interest used for the submission.


6. More detailed information for each point of interest can be see by selecting the name of the point of interest from the list.


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