New Print Capability


SHOTPlus™ Variant:
6.9.3 and above
KBA Summary:
This Knowledge Base Article describes how to utilise the new print functionality in SHOTPlus™.


From version 6.9.3 (production) onwards, SHOTPlus™ introduced new print capability. This Knowledge Base Article (KBA) details the features of this new functionality.


To print a plan in SHOTPlus™, choose one of the following options: 

  • Select the Print Icon from the SHOTPlus™ toolbar.


  • Press Ctrl + P while SHOTPlus™ is active.
  • Select 'File' > 'Print' > 'Plan' from the SHOTPlus™ toolbar.


Two print options are available:

  1. Print - The legacy SHOTPlus™ print functionality.
  2. Print (new) - The New SHOTPlus™ print functionality is covered in this KBA.


New Print Functionality

SHOTPlus'™ new print functionality consists of two components:

  1. Print Manager Dialog - Enables users to adjust print settings.
  2. Print Frame - Gives users a visual, editable, representation of the print area.
Print Manager Print Frame

The print manager dialogue enables users to adjust print settings prior to adjusting the print frame. Settings adjusted in the print manager dialogue will be remembered for the duration of the SHOTPlus™ session.

From the print manager, the following print options can be adjusted:

  • Printer
    • Choose the print destination for the SHOTPlus™ plan.
  • Paper size
    • Choose the output paper size for the SHOTPlus™ plan. This will adjust the size, and aspect ratio, of the print frame on the main scene explorer.
  • Page orientation
    • Choose the desired page orientation. This will adjust the orientation of the print frame on the main scene explorer.
  • Printer settings
    • Adjust printer-specific preferences.
  • Page settings
    • Adjust paper settings including margin, orientation, and size.
  • Title box settings
    • Edit text to be included in the title box ('Titles' button) and whether to include a full title box, the file name only, or no title box. 
  • Text size
    • Edit the text size for the title box, the size of the hole legend information and the size of the included North Arrow.
  • Black and white printing
    • Overwrite the defined printer settings to just print a black and white plane.
  • Print scale
    • Adjust the scale to print. This will adjust the size, of the print frame on the main scene explorer.
  • Print logos
    • Define the logos to be included when printing.
  • North pointer
    • Include a North Arrow on the SHOTPlus™ plan.


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