Text Importer

Note: The new features will only be available in SHOTPlus version 6 and above. 


1. The text importer is accessed through the file menu.


2. On the import screen, select the file to import and the import type (blast holes, points, polyline, measure while drilling). Note that Measure while drilling information can be imported through this method, which includes RL, MWD value and depth down hole values.



3. Data names to name the columns from the import file are divided into groups: Common, Design, Measurements, Design Loading and Actual Loading. Note that actual loading information can now be imported into SHOTPlus from an external source. Similarly, drilling information can be imported

mceclip4.png mceclip5.pngmceclip6.pngmceclip7.pngmceclip8.png

4. Templates can be saved and loaded to easily identify the column headings.





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