EBS Tie Tool - Swipe to Tie

1. Click the Tie tool icon mceclip0.png from the Loading tools palette to open the tie tool   


2. Choose the the EBS harness wire product mceclip3.png (You will need to add the EBS harnesswire as a new product mceclip2.png if you do not have this already in your IS palette)

3. Set the "Target radius" from the bottom right of the screen by clicking on the down arrow  mceclip7.png then adjusting the radius size using the up and down arrows in the size box  2019-10-22_10-30-25.png


Info.gif Tip: Ensure the Target radius for each hole does not over lap any neighbouring holes

4. Click on "Swipe mode". 

When "Swipe mode" is active the target radius of the holes will always be shown.2019-10-22_10-38-40.png

5. Click to select the first hole to be tied then swipe the mouse pointer over the next hole to be connected, repeat this proceess to add all required holes. To finish, click on the last hole to be connected.



Info.gif Tip: If a wrong hole is accidently tied, pressing CTRL Z will undo the last hole connected.

6. To exit "Swipe mode" ensure you have clicked on the last hole to be connected and then uncheck the checkbox mceclip12.png. This will allow access to the other tie modes.


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