Copy Tags from an Existing Blast


SHOTPlus™ Variant:
>6.19.6 and above
KBA Summary:

This article introduces the new blast tag copying functionality in SHOTPlus™, users can now copy tags from existing to new blasts.


In response to user feedback, SHOTPlus™ has implemented new functionality to improve user workflows. Users can now copy blast tags from existing blasts to new ones, automatically updating them to BlastIQ™ through the BlastIQ™ blast management tool, eliminating the need for manual tagging.

New Workflow

To utilise this feature, the blast must first be exported to BlastIQ™ to set site and plan IDs for the new blast.

In BlastIQ™ blast management, under the Tags tab, users will find a new option to 'Copy tags from existing blast', (see Figure 1). 


Figure 1. The BlastIQ™ blast management tool in SHOTPlus™ now enables users to copy tags.


By selecting this option, users can choose existing blasts from a list, with the flexibility to copy single, multiple, or all tags associated with the existing blast (see Figure 2). It is essential to save tag changes to apply the new tags; failure to do so triggers a warning (Figure 3).


Figure 2. Copy tags from searching existing blasts in the left column and select tags to copy.


Figure 3. Fail to save tag warning.

After saving and applying the tag changes in SHOTPlus™, the updated tags will be visible in the associated BlastIQ™ blast within the Blast Management tab, as illustrated in Figure 4.


Figure 4. Tags copied in SHOTPlus™ are copied across to the new blast in BlastIQ™

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