6.16.1 SHOTPlus™ Release Notes





October, 2023

Version 6.16.1 of SHOTPlus™, first offered to users on Tuesday 3rd October 2023.
A notification will appear on start-up in SHOTPlus™ once the update is available.
For further information on updating the SHOTPlus™, please contact the BlastIQ™ Support Team via support.blastiq.com.


  1. BlastIQ™ Licencing
    1. Activations can now be released from within SHOTPlus™.1
    2. On start-up SHOTPlus™ will warn users where the licence linked to an activation will expire within the next 30 days.
    3. SHOTPlus™ will now show the Activation and Licence expiry dates when renewing activations.
    4. Wording updated to reflect the change to 'seat' based licences.2
    5. When opening the BlastIQ™ Export Plan, Import Plan, or Blast Management dialogs, the plan name is now updated to align with the current plan name in BlastIQ™.
  2. BlastIQ™ Export Plan dialog improvements:
      1. Only sites with a valid 'BlastIQ™ Blast Control' licence are shown.
      2. SHOTPlus™ will prevent users from exporting plans with names that duplicate those already present in BlastIQ™.
  3. BlastIQ™ Import plan dialog improvements:
      1. Only sites with a valid 'BlastIQ™ Blast Control' licence are shown.
      2. Filtering improved.
      3. When working on a plan that has been exported to BlastIQ™ the plan name filter will be pre-filled.
      4. Users are now presented with a list of the current plans associated with a BlastIQ™ site, based on the selected filters.3
      5. SHOTPlus™ will update the plan list asynchronously as the filters are adjusted.
  4. BlastIQ™ 'Move Holes Between Plans dialog' updated to enable text filtering.
  5. BlastIQ™ 'Import Fired Hole Positions' updated to enable text filtering and specific blast selection.
  6. 'Visibility' and 'Results' windows in the Volume Overview tool are now permanent windows.
  7. BlastIQ™ Licence checks are now done in asynchronously while using SHOTPlus™.
  8. Horizontal indicator added to Profile Logging Tool.


  1. Select 'Help' > 'About' from the main menu and select 'Release Activation'. To release an activation, the user must be signed in to BlastIQ™. After release of an Activation, SHOTPlus™ will close all open instances.
  2. For more information on the BlastIQ™ licencing model, see the Knowledge Base Article, here.
  3. Only the first 200 blasts are displayed by default. If the desired blast is not shown, adjusting the filters will update the list.


  1. Some users were experiencing an error when exporting a blast which used profile loading rules to BlastIQTM.
  2. Holes added by BlastIQ™ field devices were causing unhandled exceptions once imported into SHOTPlus.
  3. Licence expiry data in 'About' dialog was not updating when licence activation was renewed.
  4. SHOTPlus™ was getting stuck in an unrecoverable loop during BlastIQ™ licencing process in certain situations.
  5. Hole located on the vertex of Strata Surfaces were not being assigned intercepts.
  6. An error was occurring when adding additional holes to a WebGen™ encoding path.
  7. SHOTPlus™ was displaying an erroneous error when exporting plans with packaged explosive loading rules to BlastIQ™.
  8. SHOTPlus™ was not correctly inferring partial Drill Data when exporting to BlastIQ™.
  9. SHOTPlus™ was not correctly assigning properties defined in the 'Default Hole Properties' dialog during import.
  10. Help > Activate BlastIQ™ Licence now correctly updated the User Interface based on the selected licence level.
  11. SHOTPlus™ was not correctly consuming backfill decks in manually edited holes.
  12. A rounding error was resulting in incorrect deck lengths in certain situations when using Graphical Charging Rules. 
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