BlastIQ™ Insights – Regression Analysis Dashboard (multi-blast)


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4th May 2023
KBA Summary:
This Knowledge Base Article describes the functionality of the Regression Analysis (multi-blast) Dashboard in BlastIQ™ Insights.

Availability: This Dashboard is not supplied as part of the standard BlastIQTM  Blast Control offering, nor is it provided as part of the standard FRAGTrackTM measurement solution offering.  It is supplied as an optional purchased add-on to the standard BlastIQTM  Blast Control offering.


BlastIQ™ Insights enables users to select and compare multiple blasts based on their blasting metrics such as Powder Factor, Energy Factor, Fragmentation, Dig Rate, etc. The dashboard provides various visualizations such as scatter plots, regression lines, summary bar charts, and summary statistics tables to help users analyze and compare the performance measures of the selected blasts. This can provide valuable insights into the blasting operations, help identify potential areas for improvement, and optimize the overall performance.

This is the multiple blast version of the Regression Analysis dashboard. For more information on calculations read more here.




To navigate to the Regression Analysis (multi-blast) dashboard:

  1. From the BlastIQ™ Insights toolbar, select Dashboards.
  2. From the Dashboards menu, expand Blast Analysis and select Regression Analysis (multi-blast). Menu.png
General Listed sub-section details

The following information is shown on the Regression Analysis (multi-blast) Dashboard:

  1. Map displays.
  2. Map legends.
  3. Variable 1 selection drop-down menu.
  4. Sub variable 1 selection drop-down menu (hidden by default and will be visible based on the Variable 1 selection).
  5. Variable 2 selection drop-down menu.
  6. Sub variable 2 selection drop-down menu (hidden by default and will be visible based on the Variable 2 selection).
  7. Blast selection drop-down menu.
  8. Map view.
  9. Regression Plots.
  10. Summary Bar Chart.
  11. Summary Statistics Table.Details.png
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