BlastIQ™ Insights Release Notes - April 2021


Release Date: 15th of April 2021

New Features

Hole Type Tolerances

The Drilling XY Position and Drilling Length dashboards use now hole type Collar XY, Over-Drill and Under-Drill tolerances defined in SHOTPlus™ or the BlastIQ™ external API. In case these tolerances are not defined (e.g. old blast plans), the dashboards will use the site's reporting tolerances defined in the admin portal; these will show in italics font in the data table.

Single Blast - Drilling Length Dashboard

Single Blast - Drilling XY Position Dashboard


  • Removed Design Collar Z validation on Drilling Length Dashboard.
  • Addition of Colour Legend to Quantities Dashboard in Summary Report.
  • Removed 'fired' hole state for fired blasts in the Hole Details Heatmap in the Progress Dashboard to allow visualization of the latest hole state before the blast was fired.


  • Low Powder Factor showing the wrong colour in Single Blast Quantities Dashboard.
  • Hover Over information displaying the incorrect hole information in the Single Blast Quantities Dashboard.
  • Surface Connectors and Detonating Cord product types not displaying actual quantities in the Quantities Dashboard.
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