BlastIQ™ Insights - KPIs Dashboard

The KPIs dashboard is intended to provide an up to date, customizable, consistent and convenient way to report on the blast KPIs recorded in the BlastIQ system for the last 20 fired blasts.




  • The Last 20 fired blasts' values are displayed by default.
    Note: Date Range and Tags filtering will be included in future releases.
  • The selected KPI's configuration in the Admin Portal, including the colour palette, to colour code the recorded values. These configuration values can be modified in the Admin Portal to customize the way each KPI is reported.
    More information on How to Configure and Enter Blast KPIs can be found below:
    How to Configure and Enter Blast KPIs

Data Export

Export the data table on a .csv format by clicking on the export button on the top right corner of the table.


Using the KPIs Dashboard

  1. Click on Dashboards on the left side menu.
  2. Click on KPIs from the dashboards menu.
  3. Select a KPI from the drop-down list.
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