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SHOTPlus™ Variant:
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5 May 2021


 **New Feature**

BlastIQ™ Import - Import Toe and/or Collar points only of a selected blast.

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Text Import - Ability to import redrills, append a suffix or prefix to the hole ID, and associate a parent or child link for redrill holes.



Hole Type Tolerances for backfill and redrill can now be set at 0

The 'Use backfill' checkbox located in Edit > Design data has been removed. The use of backfill is now managed by disabling (Ctrl + Delete) or enabling the Backfill Hole type tolerance.

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Hole Type Tolerances - X/Y Tolerances are now uploaded to BlastIQ™

Fill Polygon Tool - Baselines can now be switched when designing from a reference line

BlastIQ™ Import -  Zero length decks or decks containing null products are now excluded from import

BlastIQ™ Export - Export detonating cord to BlastIQ™

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Variable deck marker is now locked when a hole is marked as Manually Loaded

Files created in SHOTPlus™ version 5 will now open as “Read Only” in SHOTPlus™ version 6

WebGen™ - Import of encoded data is now available

Edit Hole - Loading State - Wording updated to Designed / Updated Design / Actual.

Import Drill Data - Option to infer 'Drilled' toe values when user imports only Drilled collar X, Y, Z locations.

0 m length holes are now prevented from being entered or imported to align with the BlastIQ™ System.

Not Drilled is now set by the BlastIQ™ system "Not Drilled" flag. 

i-kon™ Export - Numeric hole ID's are now exported to Logger II's.

Import first strata intercept from BlastIQ™.


**Bug Fixes**

Fixed issues with;

Hole Type Tolerances - Setting a null tolerance was triggering an error

Polyline Edit - Editing a polyline was not opening on the selected point

Hole Table - Incorrect hole was being selected when first opening the hole table

BlastIQ™ Export - missing initiation product error

BlastIQ™ Import - System Invalid Operation exception error

Loading rule condition "string contains" with wildcards not matching correctly

Hole Design - Subdrill was not active when drilling to RL

Corrupt file error

Initiation Rules - Hole type trigger conditions rules were not being sent in some instances

Export - BlastIQ™ deck history was occasionally not successfully completing

BlastIQ™ Export - Initiation Rules - Direct initiation by cord export error

Move/Copy Entity - Unhandled exception error.

BlastIQ™ Deck History - Deck History was not updating correctly in certain import scenarios.

Export - Drill data not being sent in some instances

Section View - Blastholes could become unselectable after a surface was selected. 

Unhandled Exception - Text file import error when using Graphical Loading Rules.

BlastIQ™ Upload - Not drilled holes were failing BlastIQ™ validation.

Graphical Loading Rules - Deleting last range resulted in an exception error.

BlastIQ™ Export - Incorrect message displayed - Plan Could not Be Finalised in Time to Receive Drilling Data message.

Loading Rules - Exception Error when creating a new rule.

Export - Actual hole position values were not being exported in some scenarios.

Monitoring Point - Monte Carlo Model tab was incorrectly opening in a minimised state.

BlastIQ™ Import - Drill data positions were being incorrectly assigned upon import.

BlastIQ™ Export - Cord Tracing Validation was incorrect.

Drill Data Import - Design collar elevation was being incorrectly displayed after drill import.

BlastIQ™ Export - Initiation Rules - Uploads containing Direct Initiation by cord were incorrectly failing.

Quantities Calculation was not refreshing under certain conditions.

Re-drill Status - 'Parent To' list not refreshing under certain conditions.



BlastIQ™ Export - Drill data validation added for drill lengths below the minimum allowable length.

Text Import - length values less that the minimum allowable are now rounded up to prevent system validation issues.

BlastIQ™ API updated for inconsistencies in Naming Tolerances.

EBS Hole Time - Prevent 'EBS Hole Time' from being automatically activated when using EBS Tools.

BlastIQ™ Export - Added webview logging


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