BlastIQ™ Insights 2021 Transition FAQs


  1. Q: What version of SHOTPlus™ do I need to have for BlastIQ™ Blast Properties to work?
    A: It is always recommended to have the latest version of SHOTPlus™ and any other BlastIQ™ application.

  2. Q: How do I fire or un-fire a blast?
    A1: In BlastIQ™ Insights, see BlastIQ™ Insights Blast Management.
    A2: Also in SHOTPlus™, under BlastIQ™ blast properties. See How to Fire/Unfire a Blast in SHOTPlus v6.

  3. Q: How do I enter Blast Tags and KPIs?
    A1: In BlastIQ™ Insights, see BlastIQ™ Insights Blast Management.
    A2: Also in SHOTPlus™, under BlastIQ™ blast properties. See How to Configure and Enter Blast Tags and How to Configure and Enter Blast KPIs.

  4. Q: How do I remove (delete or undelete) a blast from BlastIQ™ Insights?
    A1: In BlastIQ™ Insights, see BlastIQ™ Insights Blast Management.
    Also in SHOTPlus™, under BlastIQ™ blast properties. See How to Delete/Undelete a Blast in SHOTPlus v6.

  5. Q: Where do I see my site’s drilling and loading activity over time after?
    A: Quantities Over Time will be worked on after the BlastIQ™ Insights transition. ETA June 2021.

  6. Q: Why are the actual volume and powder factor not being calculated for my blast?
    A: Currently, the Actual Volume calculation requires Drill Actuals information (actual X,Y, Z coordinates) that can be imported via SHOTPlus™ file import or API drill integration.

  7. Q: Why are the dashboards taking so long to load?
    A: The combination of a large number of holes in a blast and slow internet connection speed can impact the loading time of the dashboards as all of the calculations are performed runtime when a dashboard/blast is selected.
    Recommendation: Go to Saved Reportsselect the desired blast in the Select Blast’ drop down (type in to search a specific blast) and click ‘Create Report to generate a full report of the blast. After a couple of minutes, click ‘Refresh’ list of saved reports until the Report Finish Date’ is populated, then open the report in a new tab by right clicking on ‘View’ and ‘Open link in a new tab’, wait a couple of minutes for the HTML report to render, this report is fully interactive.

  8. Q: Where do I store documents and media files in the new BlastIQ™ Insights and what will happen to the existing files in my site?
    A: All existing files will be migrated to the new BlastIQ™ Insights under Blast Files. Please see BlastIQ™ Insights File Storage for information on how to store files after the transition.

  9. Q: What will happen to all my historical blast and hole information after the BlastIQ™ Insights transition?
    A1: Blast and Hole data supported by all the components in the BlastIQ™ system (e.g. blast design, hole length measurements, deck loading weight measurements) will remain untouched and available through the BlastIQ™ External API, BlastIQ™ Reporting Database* and the new BlastIQ™ Insights.
    A2: Historical data manually entered into the existing BlastIQ™ Insights (including Blast Comments) will be available through a PowerBI dashboard with PDF print capability. Contact BlastIQ™ Support for more information

    *For more information on Reporting Database access contact your BlastIQ™ Specialists or Technical Representative.

  10. Q: How do I get a Blast Summary Report printed to PDF in the new BlastIQ™ Insights?
    A: A PDF version (non interactive) of the created reports is available to download in the Saved Reports tab. The PDF version will not work for reports created before the 12th of March 2021.

  11. Q: How do I access the activity log (all measurements) of a blast?
    A: SHOTPlus™ provides exports of hole and deck histories for a blast under BlastIQ/Export hole histories and BlastIQ/Export deck histories.

  12. Q: How do I record free text comments against a blast?
    A1: Blast level comments are not currently supported by the BlastIQ™ systemA new feature ‘Blast Notes is currently being worked on, this feature will allow multiple notes to be recorded against a blast plantracking user and timestamp of each one so they can be displayed ithe different BlastIQ™ applicationsETA June 2021.
    A2: Predefined (none free text) Blast Tags and numeric KPIs are available to be configure for the site, these could cover some use cases where users want to record information against a blast. Please see How to Configure and Enter Blast Tags and How to Configure and Enter Blast KPIs for more information.

  13. Q: Why are X and Y actuals not updated without length? Such as survey pickup.
    A: This is because the only type of collar actuals SHOTPlus™ supports is Drill Data. Although SHOTPlus™ will allow you to import a survey collar, it does not send them on to the BlastIQ™ system. API to enable this was recently added. Work is being done to support this workflow.

  14. Q: Why are my tolerances by site and not hole type?
    A: All the dashboards in the new BlastIQ™ Insights only work with site level tolerances set in the Admin Portal at the moment. Future work will be done to use the recently released to the BlastIQ™ system Hole Type tolerances from SHOTPlus™.

  15. Q: Why are my design accessories not displayed on the quantities page?
    A: The design accessories and packaged products currently display 'no data' as a placeholder, future work will be done to display design values from SHOTPlus™ there.

  16. Q: Why do some of my reports not have a finished date?
    A1: If a Report does not have a finished date in the Saved Reports list, it means the report is still in process to be generated, Refresh the list until a Date/Time appears on the Report Finished Date before Viewing the report.
    A2: If a Report has been generated more than 10 minutes ago and after Refreshing the list it still does not have a Report Finish Date, the report has likely failed to be generated in the background, this could happen due to numerous different reasons, one of them being the server was too busy and it timeout out before completing the request of generating the report. Please select the desired blast from the drop-down list and Create Report again, if the report creation keeps failing please report this as an issue.

  17. Q: Where do I see the Blast KPIs I enter in SHOTPlus™? Can I report on them?
    A: Currently the Blast KPIs are displayed on the single blast Quantities Dashboard, future KPIs reporting capability is being worked on as part of the KPIs Dashboard. ETA June 2021.

  18. Q: Where do I see the Blast Tags I enter in SHOTPlus™? Can I filter on them?
    A: Currently the Blast Tags are displayed on the single blast Quantities Dashboard, future Tags filtering will be enabled for enhanced reporting capability in multiple blast dashboard.

  19. Q: Why is the colour of some holes bottom half blue or red in the Drilling QA/QC Length dashboard?
    A: The colours Blue or Red indicate deviation from the design by more than the tolerance, the bottom part is coloured to indicate the deviation is on the Toe of the hole, related to its length, not the collar elevation.

  20. Q: Why is there no Satellite background in the hole details map in the Progress Dashboard?
    A: The hole details heatmap is displayed using the local coordinate system, not transformed geospatial coordinates (Latitude, Longitude), therefore it is not possible to overlay the satellite background.

  21. Q: Where do I upload, edit and view my external map overlay layers?
    A: The DXF and Image layers upload and display feature has been disabled as part of the BlastIQ™ Insights transition. Future work will be done to support external map overlay layers in the new platform.

  22. Q: When I create a new blast, how long do I need to wait for that to appear in the Progress Dashboard?
    A: It will take up to 20min for a new blast to appear due to the calculation of the blast boundary perform in the background.
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