- SHOTPlus™ Beta - Release Notes

Version #:
Release date:
4th of March 2021


 **New Feature**

[SP6-272] - New Graphical Charging Rules (basic non-strata rules only).





[SP6-944] - Added the ability to create a midpoint of a polyline.

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[SP6-874] - Select blastholes via existing polygon.

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[SP6-901] - Ability to create blastholes from a polyline (.dxf hole track).

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[SP6-868] - Tools - Holes - Add along selected polyline - function now positions the holes along polyline via a hole spacing radius.

[SP6-870] - Surfaces - Added the ability to apply an elevation heat map rendering to an existing surface.

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[SP6-943] - 45° functionality for polyline and measurement tool.

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[SP6-974] - Edit multiple x, y, or, z values for points, group of points, points in a polygon or points in a polyline.

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[SP6-948] - Ability to move/copy surfaces.

[SP6-975] - Ability to rotate polygons, polylines text boxes, arrows etc.

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[SP6-1032] - i-kon™ logger export - Enforce renaming of duplicate Hole IDs before allowing export


 **Bug Fixes**

Fixed issues with;

[SP6-1023] - Report - 'SHOTPlus™ Blast Quantity Usage Summary V2' report results in error.

[SP6-905] - Fill Polygon Tool - Tool does not recognise polygon or reference point if selected prior to opening tool.

[SP6-1033] - IS Palette - When changing a tie product the new selected tie was not being applied.

[SP6-1039] - BlastIQ™ export - Export failed when regional PC setting was set as a comma for the decimal symbol.

[SP6-1034] - Fragmentation Prediction - Exception error - Value was either too big or too small for an Int32.

[SP6-1030] - Loading Rules - Creating a new range was incorrectly copying the current selected range.

[SP6-1051] - Initiation Timing - Detonators where being incorrectly deleted upon BlastIQ™ import when using horizon timing initiation rules.








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