- SHOTPlus™ Beta - Release Notes

SHOTPlus™ Variant:
Surface / Beta
Version #:
Release date:
1st April 2021


 **New Feature**

[SP6-1071] - BlastIQ™ Import - Import Toe and/or Collar points only of a selected blast.



[SP6-1095] - Hole Type Tolerances - X/Y Tolerances are now uploaded to BlastIQ™

[SP6-1086] - Fill Polygon Tool - Baselines can now be switched when designing from a reference line

[SP6-1094] - BlastIQ™ Import -  Zero length decks or decks containing null products are now excluded from import

[SP6-1091] - BlastIQ™ Export - Export detonating cord to BlastIQ™

[SP6-1093] - Variable deck marker is now locked when a hole is marked as Manually Loaded

[SP6-1097] - Hole Type Tolerances for backfill and redrill can now be set at 0

[SP6-1037] - Files created in SHOTPlus™ version 5 will now open as “Read Only” in SHOTPlus™ version 6

[SP6-1129] - WebGen™ - Import of encoded data is now available


**Bug Fixes**

Fixed issues with;

[SP6-1096] - Hole Type Tolerances - Setting a null tolerance was triggering an error

[SP6-1063] - Polyline Edit - Editing a polyline was not opening on the selected point

[SP6-1098] - Hole Table - Incorrect hole was being selected when first opening the hole table

[SP6-1112] - BlastIQ™ Export - missing initiation product error

[SP6-1114] - BlastIQ™ Import - System Invalid Operation exception error

[SP6-1121] - Loading rule condition "string contains" with wildcards not matching correctly

[SP6-640] - Hole Design - Subdrill was not active when drilling to RL

[SP6-1128] - Corrupt file error

[SP6-1130] - Initiation Rules - Hole type trigger conditions rules were not being sent in some instances

[SP6-1123] - Export - BlastIQ™ deck history was occasionally not successfully completing

[SP6-1122] - BlastIQ™ Export - Initiation Rules - Direct initiation by cord export error



[SP6-1120] - BlastIQ™ Export - Drill data validation added for drill lengths below the minimum allowable length.

[SP6-1127] - Text Import - length values less that the minimum allowable are now rounded up to prevent system validation issues.



As part of the work associated with SP6-1097, the 'Use backfill' checkbox located in Edit > Design data has been removed. The use of backfill is now managed by disabling (Ctrl + Delete) or enabling the Backfill Hole type tolerance.


Hole type tolerances can be edited from Design data or from Loading rules.

Design Data
  1. From the main toolbar select File > Design data.


  1. From the Hole type design defaults dialog box, select Edit tolerances.


  1. Input the required tolerances into the Edit design tolerances table.


Loading Rules
  1. Open Loading rules by selecting either:
    • The Edit loading rules button from the toolbar.


    • Tools > Auto Loading > Edit Loading Rules from the main toolbar.


  1. From the Edit loading rules dialog box, select Hole type tolerances.


  1. Input the required tolerances into the Edit design tolerances table.


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