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30th of March 2021


 **New Feature**

  • Fill Polygon Tool - Design by reference Line.


  • Added the ability to create a midpoint of a polyline.

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  • Select blastholes via existing polygon.

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  • Ability to create blastholes from a polyline (.dxf hole track).

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  • Surfaces - Added the ability to apply an elevation heat map rendering to an existing surface.

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  • 45° functionality for polyline and measurement tool.

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  • Edit multiple x, y, or, z values for points, group of points, points in a polygon or points in a polyline.

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  • Ability to rotate polygons, polylines text boxes, arrows etc.

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  • Ability to move/copy surfaces.
  • Tools - Holes - Add along selected polyline - function now positions the holes along polyline via a hole spacing radius.
  • Implemented code improvements to reduce occurrence of .dll errors.
  • BlastIQ™ interface now autoscales the interface dialog box to show all tag characters.
  • Volume Tool - Copy to clipboard functionality added for Segment Volumes.
  • Added new 'Wetsides' state for holes with wetside values.
  • Updated WebGen™ export format.
  • Fill Polygon Tool - Added the ability to change the Hole ID properties from within the tool.
  • Fill Polygon Tool now refreshes selections when the tool is opened.
  • Initiation - BlastIQ™ recorded initiation is now displayed in all the SHOTPlus™ hole diagrams.
  • Charge Track - Stemming is now drawn for blasholes that are loaded with stemming only.
  • BlastIQ™ Export - Underdrill and Overdrill tolerances are now sent to the BlastIQ™ system (Underdrill and Overdrill functionality outside of SHOTPlus™ requires further BlastIQ™ system updates).
  • Updates to hole tolerances are now recognised without the need to export and reimport from BlastIQ™.
  • i-kon™ logger export - Enforce renaming of duplicate Hole IDs before allowing export.
  • Updated naming of Surface tool to Surface Manager to match dialog box.
  • Recalculation of surfaces now only occurs when at least three holes have measured intercept values, this prevents surfaces created from .dxf’s from being recalculated.
  • Hole Type and Material Type can now be updated via the text importer when holes are in updated design mode.
  • Initiation Import- Hole Loading Diagram and BlastIQ™ Hole History are now updated with recorded initiation rules imported from BlastIQ™.


**Bug Fixes**

Fixed issues with;

  • Uni tronic™ initiator was not showing correctly.
  • Hole Table - Wet Sides measurement were not persisting after being reopened.
  • BlastIQ™ Export - Validation error: Grade position incorrectly above collar position.
  • Section View - Section dropdown selection was not ordering correctly.
  • Wet Sides - Wet Sides were being incorrectly linked to the 'Wet State Tolerance'.
  • BlastIQ™ Export - Exception Error - Input string was not in correct format.
  • Hole Table - When all holes were selected the table was defaulting to the top of the list when clicking on a specific hole within the list.
  • Report - 'SHOTPlus™ Blast Quantity Usage Summary V2' report results in error.
  • Fill Polygon Tool - Tool does not recognise polygon or reference point if selected prior to opening tool.
  • IS Palette - When changing a tie product the new selected tie was not being applied.
  • BlastIQ™ export - Export failed when regional PC setting was set as a comma for the decimal symbol.
  • Fragmentation Prediction - Exception error - Value was either too big or too small for an Int32.
  • Initiation Rules - Creating a new range was incorrectly copying the current selected range.
  • Initiation Timing - Detonators where being incorrectly deleted upon BlastIQ™ import when using horizon timing initiation rules.
  • Graphics - Unstable graphics when rotating in 2D or 3D.
  • BlastIQ™ Import - Wet side property was not being shown in the BlastIQ™ Hole History
  • Rules - Incorrect drawing of coal in the loading rules hole diagram.
  • BlastIQ™ Import - Backfill deck was not being recognised.
  • BlastIQ™ Import - Import error - No design length present.
  • WebGen™ - Encoding path tool was not closing properly.
  • WebGen™ - GID list was not populating correctly.
  • IREDES Export - Fix checksum for v1.2



  • Validation - Match Harness Wire
  • Loading Rules - Removed PF. Target from Loading Rules
  • Added match all regions option (*) to initiator BlastIQ™ product matching
  • Generated new translation packs for SHOTPlus™ version 6


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