- SHOTPlus™ Beta - Release Notes

Released 16th of March 2021.


 **New Feature**

[SP6-947] - Fill Polygon Tool - Design by reference Line



[SP6-1060] - BlastIQ™ Interface now autoscales the Interface Dialog box to show all tag characters

[SP6-994] - Volume Tool - Copy to clipboard functionality added for Segment Volumes

[SP6-1073] - Added new 'Wetsides' state for holes with wetside values

[SP6-1072] - Updated WebGen™ export format

[SP6-1010] - Fill Polygon Tool - Added the ability to change the Hole ID properties from within the tool

[SP6-1061] - Fill Polygon Tool now refreshes selections when the tool is opened

[SP6-1054] - Initiation - BlastIQ™ recorded Initiation is now displayed in all the SHOTPlus™ hole diagrams

[SP6-999] - Charge Track - Stemming is now drawn for blasholes that are loaded with stemming only

[SP6-1084] - BlastIQ™ Export - Underdrill & Overdrill tolerances are now sent to the BlastIQ™ system

[SP6-1026] - Updates to hole tolerances are now recognised with out the need to export and reimport from BlastIQ


**Bug Fixes**

Fixed issues with;

[SP6-1007] - Section View - Section dropdown selection was not ordering correctly

[SP6-1057] - Graphical Charge Rules - Right clicking on a range header was incorrectly showing filter options

[SP6-1056] - Graphical Charging Rules - Max Depth was not linked to Max Range

[SP6-1066] - Wet Sides - Wet Sides were being incorrectly linked to the 'Wet State Tolerance'

[SP6-1062] - BlastIQ™ Export - Exception Error - Input string was not in correct format

[SP6-1002] - Hole Table - When all holes were selected the table was defaulting to the top of the list when clicking on a specific hole within the list



[SP6-1038] - Validation - Match Harness Wire

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