- SHOTPlus™ Beta - Release Notes

Released 18th of February 2021.


 **New Feature**



[SP6-992] - Updated naming of Surface tool to Surface Manager to match dialog box

[SP6-1024] - Recalculation of surfaces now only occurs when at least three holes have measured intercept values, this prevents surfaces created from .dxf’s from being recalculated.

[SP6-1027] - Hole Type & Material Type can now be updated via the text importer when holes are in updated design mode

[SP6-979] - Stage 1 initiation import- Hole Loading Diagram & BlastIQ Hole History are now updated with recorded initiation rules imported from BlastIQ


**Bug Fixes**

Fixed issues with;

[SP6-816} - IREDES Export - Fixed checksum for v1.2

[SP6-990] - Graphics - Unstable graphics when rotating in 2D or 3D

[SP6-988] - BlastIQ Import - Wet side property was not being shown in the BlastIQ Hole History

[SP6-989] - Rules - Incorrect drawing of coal in the loading rules hole diagram

[SP6-993] - BlastIQ Import - Backfill deck was not being recognised

[SP6-998] - BlastIQ Import - Import error - No design length present

[SP6-1019] - WebGen - Encoding path tool was not closing properly

[SP6-1000] - WebGen - GID list was not populating correctly



[SP6-991] - Loading Rules - Removed PF. Target from Loading Rules

[SP6-983] - Added match all regions option (*) to initiator BlastIQ product matching

[SP6-1014] - Generated new translation packs for SHOTPlus™ version 6

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