6.11.1 SHOTPlus™ Release Notes




August, 2022

Version 6.11.1 of SHOTPlus™, first offered to users on Monday 8th August 2022.
A notification will appear on start-up in SHOTPlus™ once the update is available.
For further information on updating the SHOTPlus™, please contact the BlastIQ™ Support Team via support.blastiq.com.


BlastIQ™ Licencing

  1. For users with a valid BlastIQ™ SHOTPlus™ Licence, SHOTPlus™ will be activated using this licence. Users can deactivate this licence to default to the regular licencing system. To learn more about the BlastIQ™ licencing, click here.

BlastIQ™ Blast Report

  1. SHOTPlus™ can now create a PDF Blast Report for BlastIQ™ connected blasts1. The following views are available to include in the BlastIQ™ Blast Report2:
    1. BlastIQ™ Blast Tags.
    2. BlastIQ™ Key Performance Indicators.
    3. BlastIQ™ Blast Notes.
    4. Design Quantities.
    5. Angle of Initiation.
    6. Burden Relief.
    7. First Movement.
    8. Hole Temperature Analytics View.
    9. Water Depth Analytics View.
    10. Underdrill / overdrill Analytics Views:
      1. Design vs. Drilled.
      2. Design vs. First Length.
      3. Design vs. Measured.
    11. Hole Weight % Loading Accuray Analytics View.

To learn more about the BlastIQ™ Blast report, click here.

BlastIQ™ Potential Misfire

  1. Consume Potential Misfire flag from BlastIQ™.
  2. Display Potential Misfire on hole diagram in the Edit Hole dialog.
  3. Display Potential Misfire flag in the Hole Table3.
  4. Add Potential Misfire to Filter and Search list.
  5. Add Potential Misfire to as a Text Export field4.
  6. Add Potential Misfire as a Data Source for SHOTPlus™ Reports.
  7. Display Potential Misfire in Hole History.

New Quantities Reports

  1. Added new Bulk Explosive Quantity tab5.
  2. Added new Packaged Explosive Quantity tab5.
  3. Added new Inert Products Quantity tab5.
  4. Added new Initiating Explosives Quantity tab5
  5. Added new WebGen™ Quantities tab5,6.
  6. Added new Accessories tab added to Quantities Report5.
  7. Linked display colours of products in new Quantities reports to display colours in BlastIQ™.
  8. Added ability to report blast level explosives and accessories in new quantities tabs.

Other New Features

  1. Added Design and Actual Energy Factor to Hole Table7.
  2. Options added to create the following based on toe of charge8.
    1. Create points at toe of charge9.
    2. Create auto-surface at toe of charge10.
  3. Added ability to import JPEG or PNG overlay images11,12,13.
  4. Custom option added for Profile Wizard printouts.
  5. SHOTPlus™ now sends a flag to BlastIQ™ for holes that contain a profile trace.
  6. Added option to enter or import coordinate transform settings for a SHOTPlus™ file or template14.
  7. SHOTPlus™ will now export KML files15.
  8. Added 'Redrill Of' top Filter and Search. 
  9. SHOTPlus™ will now perform a duplicate check between holes in the SHOTPlus™ plan and holes present in BlastIQ™ prior to export.
  10. SHOTPlus™ will now check for duplicate holes present in the SHOTPlus™ plan prior to exporting to BlastIQ™.
  11. Print Preview added to 'Print (new)'.
  12. Initiating Explosives tab added to Quantities calculation dialog.
  13. design and actual hole level initiation information is now shown in the SHOTPlus™ Hole Table.


    1. To create a BlastIQ™ Blast Report, select BlastIQ > BlastIQ™ Blast Report from the main toolbar.
    2. Calculation or Analytic views included in the BlastIQ™ Blast Report will duplicate the current settings in their respective windows.
    3. Potential misfire available from the Hole measures tab.
    4. Potential misfire available from the Measurements tab.
    5. To access the new Quantities reports select 'Calculations' > 'Quantities' from the main SHOTPlus™ toolbar and navigate to the 'Bulk explosives', 'Packaged explosives', 'Inert products', 'Initiating explosives' 'WebGen products' or 'Accessories' tabs.
    6. The WebGen™ quantities tab is only visible when using WebGen™ 100 or WebGen™ 200 products.
    7. Energy factor available from the Hole data tab.
    8. Based on the first non-backfill charge in a hole.
    9. To create points at the toe of a charge, select ToolsHolesCreate points at charge toe.
    10. To create a toe of charge auto-surface, select the Charged toe option from the Auto-surfaces section of the Visibility manager.
    11. Image overlays are not compatible with older versions of SHOTPlus™. Files with image overlays will not be able to be opened by versions of SHOTPlus™ Beta 6.11.5/SHOTPlus™ Production 6.10.5 or older. Deleting any image overlays will allow older versions of SHOTPlus™ to open the files. 
    12. Image overlay objects are not currently printable objects in SHOTPlus™. This will be part of a future release.
    13. To import an image overlay into SHOTPlus™ select 'Import' > 'Image overlay file' from the main SHOTPlus™ toolbar. The coordinates of either the Top Left and Bottom Right or the Top Right and Bottom left corners of the image must be provided.
    14. Three known points and WKT transform options available. Where available, coordinate transforms will be imported from BlastIQ™ based on site selection.
    15. KML exports located under 'File Export KML file'.


SHOTPlus™ Exclusion Zone Tool User Interface Update

  1. Polygon and Surface options split into separate tabs.
  2. Vertical distance can now be defined for 'constant radius' option, allowing an exclusion zone surface to be generated.
  3. The distances shown for polygons and surfaces are now updated based on what the outputs are clipped to.
  4. User input availability for the Exclusion Zone Tool is now staged to guide user in the use of the tool.
  5. User inputs for the exclusion tool are now remembered between sessions.

To learn more about the SHOTPlus™ Exclusion Zone Tool, click here.

Other Improvements

  1. SHOTPlus™ will check installed version of .Net and warn users where required version is not installed1.
  2. Default page margins for new print functionality set to 2.0 mm.
  3. SHOTPlus™ will notify users when exporting a loading design or loading rules when the Loading Factor does not equal 1.002.
  4. SHOTPlus™ will not send 'Depth to water' to BlastIQ™ when 'actuals' have been cleared internally.
  5. When importing IREDES MWD data custom channels with values of 0 and 1 are recognised as valid data.
  6. Leading label changed to BID when using WebGen™ 200 EBS.
  7. All 24 hole types are available as data sources when creating custom reports.
  8. Enabled the use of the following accessories as Air Decks within loading designs exported to BlastIQ™:
    1. Globo.
    2. Tapponex.
    3. Paraplug.
  9. Restricted opacity of heat map surface to ensure visibility of hole collars.
  10. Added additional method for identification of stab holes for the purpose of volume calculations2.
  11. Updated wording when using BlastIQ™ move holes between plans tool.
  12. Actions that trigger a volume re-calculation updated to improve SHOTPlus™ performance where the number of holes exceeds 1,000. 
  13. Where holes are designed with 'Maintain hole track' selected, the position of the hole track will align with the row position regardless of the selected drill bench surface.
  14. Only active Hole Types / Material Types are shown in Analytics View legends.
  15. Increase the maximum allowable Charge mass per metre value for Exclusion Zone tool to 300 kg/m and 300 lb/ft.
  16. BlastIQ™ plan notes are now displayed across multiple lines.
  17. Added ability to import surfaces from RHINO data.
  18. Updated 'Drill Holes Between Lines' tool:
    1. Renamed to 'Add Holes Between Lines'.
    2. Added spacing tolerance to allow better position of holes around corners.
    3. Added ability to base hole positioning on toe spacing.
    4. Added ability to add sub-drill below selected toe line.
  19. Blastholes can be marked as a re-drill of another hole using the SHOTPlus text importer4.
  20. SHOTPlus™ will populate 'Re-drill of' information in the Edit Hole Dialog based on information from BlastIQ™.
  21. Added 'Re-drill of' to the SHOTPlus™ Hole Table.
  22. Added 'Re-drill of' as a data source in SHOTPlus™ custom reports.
  23. Added 'Re-drill of' to the SHOTPlus™ Text Exporter.
  24. Added option to add new Charging Rules under currently selected rule5.
  25. Auto surface behaviour updated to account for Not Drilled and Abandoned Holes.
  26. Loading tool results specify the number of charging and initiation rules applied.
  27. SHOTPlus™ will inform users when an upload to BlastIQ™ has been completed and the BlastIQ™ plan contains duplicates.
  28. Where holes with recorded actuals in BlastIQ™ are renamed in SHOTPlus™, SHOTPlus™ will trigger a rename of the hole in BlastIQ™ upon the next export.
  29. Improved 'Check for duplicates by coordinates' tool.
  30. Editing strata intercepts will only trigger the recalculation of any surfaces that are affected by the edit.
  31. Pyrotechnic and Detonating Cord surface tie-ins with more than one lead in may  be exported to BlastIQ™.
  32. SHOTPlus™ will import OBJ Files with quotation marks in the file reference.
  33. SHOTPlus™ imports plan level accessories recorded in BlastIQ™.
  34. Improved performance when importing large OBJ files.
  35. Quantities by hole type only reports hole types in use.
  36. SHOTPlus™ will inform users if holes with duplicate hole collar coordinates have been imported from BlastIQ™.
  37. Saving of recovery files disabled when importing OBJ files.


    1. Following SHOTPlus™ version 6.12.1. SHOTPlus™ will not be able to be installed on machines running Windows Operating Systems older than Windows 10. This change will not affect existing installations.
    2. Loading factors not equal to 1.00 are not supported by the BlastIQ™ system.
    3. Stab hole identification settings can be adjusted from EditBlast PropertiesVolume calculations.
    4. To import a hole as a re-drill of another hole:
      • Provide the new hole's Hole ID and coordinates - the new hole's Hole ID must be unique for the plan.
      • Provide the ID of the original hole using the new 'Redrill of' field, located under measurements in the SHOTPlus™ Text Importer - this hole must be present in the SHOTPlus™ plan being imported into or present in the text file being imported.
    5. Only available for Tabular Charging Rules. Graphical Charging Rules are automatically ordered based on conditions.


  1. Text layers causing holes to be rendered unloaded.
  2. Print frame indicator was resizing after printing completed.
  3. AusQC&NZ Blast Loading sheet was not correctly calculating powder factor.
  4. SHOTPlus™ becoming unresponsive when using 'swipe mode' to add surface initiators.
  5. Print frame indicator resize not working correctly.
  6.  Opening or saving a file with Print Functionality open was causing an unhandled exception.
  7. IREDES Quality Report imports were resulting in inaccurate loading tracks for blastholes.
  8. WebGen™ Primers not assigned a GID were incorrectly shown as having a initiation time of -1 ms.
  9. Design length of blastholes was incorrectly being updated based on the drilled angle and bearing.
  10. Blastholes primed with WebGen™ 100 and 200 primers were incorrectly being listed as misfires.
  11. Copying user defined delay objects between two SHOTPlus™ files was causing an unhandled exception error.
  12. Warning dialog for Exclusion Zone Tool was only shown when first opening the tool.
  13. Exporting Quantities Report from SHOTPlus™ was resulting in 'File in Use' error.
  14. Input for the Exclusion Zone Tool were incorrectly being retained in some circumstances.
  15. SHOTPlus™ deleting holes with WebGen™ encoding paths was causing SHOTPlus™ to give unhandled exception in some circumstances.
  16. Unhandled exception was occurring with the Hole History dialog in certain circumstances.
  17. Lasso tool not performing correctly after using the volume overview tool.
  18. The position of primers was not being correctly adjusted when deck lengths were adjusted in the Edit Loading dialog box.
  19. Face surfaces with a significant number of points were resulting in irregular contour surfaces.
  20. SHOTPlus™ was incorrectly exporting drill data already present in BlastIQ™ in certain situations.
  21. Detonating cord was not being shown in the Tie Legend when used in a plan.
  22. An unhandled error, caused by the step down burden setting, was occurring when opening the profile tool in certain situations. 
  23. North arrow size was scaled incorrectly in certain situations.
  24. Like decks were being incorrectly merged when exporting to BlastIQ™.
  25. Logic error related to the application of Initiation rules.
  26. Hole tracks were not being printed correctly in certain situations.
  27. 'Actual' accessories in BlastIQ™ were not being imported into SHOTPlus™ where no other 'Actuals' had been recorded.
  28. Importing a WebGen™ 200 LGF with an extra hole was resulting in an unhandled exception.
  29. Clearing the 'Actual' loading for hole was not clearing the recorded 'Actual' initiation. 
  30. Opening the Hole Table with a hole (or group of holes) selected was not resulting in that hole (or group of holes) being selected in the Hole Table.
  31. Users were experiencing a System.IO error in certain situations.
  32. OBJ layers were being corrupted after being hidden.
  33. Standard DXF Importer was placing imported objects at incorrect coordinates when SHOTPlus™ was set to display imperial units.  
  34. Unhandled exception was occurring when printing with image overlay objects1.
  35. Information on the hole diagrams in the BlastIQ™ edit deck measurements tool was being hidden in certain situations.
  36. Group editing holes was clearing Measurements in certain situations.
  37. Volume wizard was not working where the bounding polygon was not intersecting either the bench or floor surface.
  38. EBS logging summary was not populating where WebGen™ lead-ins were connected to individual charges in a hole.
  39. Printing a plan with multiple flags was causing an unhandled exception.
  40. SHOTPlus™ was giving an unhandled exception where hole level accessories had been recorded in BlastIQ™ without a depth.
  41. 'Wet hole unknown amount' behaviour was not working correctly for a group of holes.
  42. 'Select' options on Filter and Search menu were not functioning correctly.


    1. Image overlay objects are not currently printable objects in SHOTPlus™. This will be part of a future release.
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