2.20.7 SHOTPlus™ Tunnel Beta Release Notes





July, 2022

Version 2.20.7 of SHOTPlus™ Beta, first offered to users on Tuesday 26th July 2022.
A notification will appear on start-up in SHOTPlus™ Tunnel Beta once the update is available.
For further information on updating the SHOTPlus™, please contact the BlastIQ™ Support Team via support.blastiq.com.


  1. SPT-261: SHOTPlus™ Tunnel will now check that the toe and ejection charge meets the minimum charge requirements when exporting MDCU files.
  2. SPT-269: SHOTPlus™ Tunnel will only export holes with WebGen™ primers in MDCU exports.
  3. SPT-272: SHOTPlus™ added the ability to Import and Export Drill Designs to and from SHOTPlus™ Underground.1,2.


    1. To import a set of holes from SHOTPlus™ Underground, select 'File' > 'Import' > 'Selected holes to SHOTPlus-UG'.
    2. To export a set of holes to SHOTPlus™ Underground, select 'File' > 'Export' > 'Holes to SHOTPlus-UG'


  1. SPT-226: Added coordinate transfer for extended firing data.
  2. SPT-266: Using SHOTPlus™ Tunnel Hole ID as IREDES Hole Name is now the default option for MDCU exports.
  3. SPT-268: All delay times now match for MDCU exports.
  4. SPT-276: SHOTPlus™ Tunnel will now warn users where holes do not have a valid deck design for an MDCU export.
  5. SPT-277: Improved naming and file structure for MDCU exports.
  6. SPT-278: Removed Deck Index array from Detonators Node of MDCU XML file.
  7. SPT-279: Where WebGen™ 100 and WebGen™ 200 is the selected EBS, changed references to Loggers to Encoders.


  1. SPT-260: Volume discrepancies between Quantities and Quantities by Hole Type.
  2. SPT-273: wyUpdate was not being included in SHOTPlus™ Tunnel installations.
  3. SPT-274: SPT Converter was not being included in SHOTPlus™ Tunnel installations.
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