SHOTPlus™ BlastIQ™ Licencing

This article describes the steps to activate SHOTPlus™ BETA with a BlastIQ™ Licence.

Note: To activate a BlastIQ™ Licence users must have SHOTPlus™ Beta version 6.11.15 or later

How to activate SHOTPlus™ with BlastIQ™ Licence

Release current activation

In SHOTPlus™ Beta:

  1. Click on Help>Manage product keys.


  1. Click "Release" on the "SHOTPlus™ 6" key.
  2. Close the "Manage Product Keys" window, SHOTPlus™ will close.



The production instance of SHOTPlus™ (v6.11.1 or later) will use the activated BlastIQ™ SHOTPlus™ Licence from the next time is launched. If it is necessary to return to the previous licensing system the BlastIQ™ activation can be deleted following the steps here, and the Product Key can be reactivated following the steps here.

Activate SHOTPlus™ with BlastIQ™ Licence

  1. Launch SHOTPlus™ BETA after releasing the current activation.
  2. Click on "BlastIQ™ Licence" on the "Application Licence Required" popup


  1. Click "Next".


  1. Login to BlastIQ™.


You will be presented with the Sites and licence levels you have access to.

  1. Select the desired site.
  2. Click on "Request Licence".


  1. Click "OK", SHOTPlus™ will launch.



Accessing Details of the SHOTPlus™ License

For more details on the level of licence, enabled extensions and expiration dates, Click on "Help->About".

  • "Licence expires" shows the expiry date for your commercial licence.
  • "Activation expires" shows the current date the activation will expire. This will auto-renew when you launch SHOTPlus™ or when you click the "Renew activation" button on the About screen. The Activation is renewed for a maximum of 30 days.


Delete Activation

To delete the BlastIQ™ Licence Activation:

  1. Go to Help>About and click on Delete activation.



If you face any issues with the new BlastIQ™ Licensing system or have any feedback, please contact BlastIQ™ Support.

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