6.11.2 SHOTPlus™ Beta Release Notes





May, 2022

Version 6.11.2 of SHOTPlus™ Beta, first offered to users on Tuesday 3rd May, 2022.
A notification will appear on start-up in SHOTPlus™ Beta once the update is available. We hope this will enable customers to perform the update without assistance from a BlastIQ™ specialist.
For further information on updating the SHOTPlus™, please contact the BlastIQ™ Support Team via support.blastiq.com.


  1. SP6-1797: Custom option added for Profile Wizard printouts.
  2. SP6-1802: SHOTPlus™ now sends a flag to BlastIQ™ for holes that contain a profile trace.


  1. SHOTPlus Exclusion Zone Tool User Interface Updated:
    1. SP6-1738: Polygon and Surface options are now split into separate tabs.
    2. SP6-1841: Vertical distance can now be defined for 'constant radius' option, allowing an exclusion zone surface to be generated.
    3. SP6-1855: The distances shown for polygons and surfaces are now updated based on what the outputs are clipped to.
    4. SP6-1856: User input availability for the Exclusion Zone Tool is now staged to guide user in the use of the tool.
    5. SP6-1857: User inputs for the exclusion tool are now remembered between sessions.
  2. SP6-1795: SHOTPlus™ will now check installed version of .Net and warn users where required version is not installed1.
  3. SP6-1818: Default page margins for new print functionality now set to 2.0 mm.
  4. SP6-1825: SHOTPlus™ will now notify users when exporting a loading design or loading rules when the Loading Factor does not equal 1.002.
  5. SP6-1835: SHOTPlus™ will no longer send 'Depth to water' to BlastIQ™ when 'actuals' have been cleared internally.
  6. SP6-1838: When importing IREDES MWD data custom channels with values of 0 and 1 are now recognised as valid data.
  7. SP6-1850: Leading label changed to BID when using WebGen™ 200 EBS.
  8. SP6-1852: All 24 hole types are now available as data sources when creating custom reports.


    1. Following SHOTPlus™ version 6.12.1. SHOTPlus™ will not be able to be installed on machines running Windows Operating Systems older than Windows 10. This change will not affect existing installations.
    2. Loading factors not equal to 1.00 are not supported by the BlastIQ™ system.


  1. SP6-913: Text layers causing holes to be rendered unloaded.
  2. SP6-1779: Print frame indicator was resizing after printing completed.
  3. SP6-1780: AusQC&NZ Blast Loading sheet was not correctly calculating powder factor.
  4. SP6-1788: SHOTPlus™ becoming unresponsive when using 'swipe mode' to add surface initiators.
  5. SP6-1789: Print frame indicator resize not working correctly.
  6. SP6-1814: Opening or saving a file with Print Functionality open was causing an unhandled exception.
  7. SP6-1820: IREDES Quality Report imports were resulting in inaccurate loading tracks for blastholes.
  8. SP6-1822: WebGen™ Primers not assigned a GID were incorrectly shown as having a initiation time of -1 ms.
  9. SP6-1836: Design length of blastholes was incorrectly being updated based on the drilled angle and bearing.
  10. SP6-1839: Blastholes primed with WebGen™ 100 and 200 primers were incorrectly being listed as misfires.
  11. SP6-1849: Copying user defined delay objects between two SHOTPlus™ files was causing an unhandled exception error.
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