6.10.1 SHOTPlus™ Beta Release Notes





February, 2022

Version 6.10.1 of SHOTPlus™ Beta, first offered to users on Monday 28th February 2022.
A notification will appear on start-up in SHOTPlus™ Beta once the update is available. We hope this will enable customers to perform the update without assistance from a BlastIQ™ specialist.
For further information on updating the SHOTPlus™, please contact the BlastIQ™ Support Team via support.blastiq.com.


  1. SP6-1790: When creating an STR template in SHOTPlus™ clearing column header behaviour was not working as expected.
  2. SP6-1794: When editing a group of holes, changing design information was resetting the water column value.
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