6.9.4 SHOTPlus™ Beta Release Notes





January, 2022

Version 6.9.4 of SHOTPlus™ Beta, first offered to users on Thursday the 20th of January, 2022.
A notification will appear on start-up in SHOTPlus™ Beta once the update is available. We hope this will enable customers to perform the update without assistance from a BlastIQ™ specialist.
For further information on updating the SHOTPlus™, please contact the BlastIQ™ Support Team via support.blastiq.com.
SHOTPlus™ Beta can be downloaded from here, and can be activated with an existing SHOTPlus™ licence.


  1. SP6-1590: Improved Print Functionality1.
    1. SP6-1576: Ability to adjust the print area from the main scene explorer.
    2. SP6-1583: Title box is resized automatically based on existing text.
    3. SP6-1584: Ability to add a North Arrow to the print output.
    4. SP6-1585: Print dialog settings are now maintained when printing multiple different views.
    5. SP6-1586: Ability to toggle between landscape and portrait printing.
    6. SP6-1588: Added print elements to the print area indicator on the main scene explorer.
    7. SP6-1590: Ability to toggle logos on or off.
  2. SP6-1603: Added the ability to export fragmentation curves for all holes from the Fragmentation Prediction tool.
  3. SP6-1623: Results from Fragmentation Prediction tool made available for reporting.
    1. Hole level percentage passing.
    2. Blast level percentage passing.
    3. Hole level size passing.
    4. Blast level size passing.
  4. SP6-1624: New flag types added to Visibility Manager:
    1. Hole Type.
    2. Material Type.
    3. Electronic Blasting System Exceptions.
  5. SP6-1672: Fragmentation Prediction graphing tool can now be set to snap to X Axis or Y Axis values.
  6. SP6-1683: Ability to fix the minimum and maximum colours range in the Fragmentation Prediction Tool results map.
  7. SP6-1694: Reinstated Volume Wizard Tool.


    1. Improved print functionality is available by selecting 'Print (beta)' when printing a plan in SHOTPlus™.


  1. SP6-1012: Increased number of available Hole Types to 24.
  2. SP6-1616: SHOTPlus™ 5 file Read Only functionality improved. The following functions can now be performed when opening a SHOTPlus™ 5 file in SHOTPlus™ 6:
    1. View existing loading rules.
    2. Export existing loading rules.
    3. View Edit Hole dialog.
    4. Export text files.
    5. Load and save text export templates.
    6. Export DXFs.
    7. View the Hole Table.
    8. Open Monitoring Points to see Vibration and/or Overpressure properties.
    9. Export seed waves from Monitoring Point dialog.
    10. Use measurement and dimension tools.
  3. SP6-1622: Advanced Vibration Modelling (AVM™) submissions or Monte Carlo vibration predictions can now include dummy holes, 'Abandoned' holes, and 'Not Drilled' holes.
  4. SP6-1636: Summary Block shortcut button now available for custom toolbars.
  5. SP6-1644: Constant Radius Exclusion Zone option available to SHOTPlus™ Standard users.
  6. SP6-1651: SHOTPlus™ now reports on diameter range validation issues when exporting to BlastIQ™
  7. SP6-1658: Increased number of available Material Types to 24.
  8. SP6-1659: BlastIQ™ loading rules are now disabled for holes where strata definition has been used to define deck positions in SHOTPlus™.
  9. SP6-1662: Initiator table added to the Edit Hole Loading dialog accessed when using the profile tool.
  10. SP6-1663: Improved automatic re-application of rules when importing from BlastIQ™1.
  11. SP6-1668: SHOTPlus™ now reports on Initiation Rule length range validation issues when exporting to BlastIQ™
  12. SP6-1671: Dimension tool added to Cross Section dialog.
  13. SP6-1686: Added additional default reports:
    1. Blast Event Checklist.
    2. Blast Loading Sheets.
    3. Blast Markout Calculations.
    4. Blast Risk Notification.
    5. Blast Summary Report.
    6. Drillers Log.
    7. Day of Blast Evaluation.
    8. Hole Depth Report.
    9. Job Pack Cover Label.
    10. Shotfirers Tool Box Talk and Traffic Management Plan.
    11. Survey Setout and Quantities Report.
    12. Backfill Requirement Summary.
    13. Dip Chart.
    14. Drillers Scorecard.
    15. Strata Charging Report.
    16. Volume Data.
  14. SP6-1697: Exclusion Zone Tool icon updated.
  15. SP6-1704: Colour indicators in the Fragmentation Prediction Tool Results Map can now be viewed as zone of influence.
  16. SP6-1709: Optimised images for reports to reduce file size.


    1. The following behaviour has been implemented:
      1. Holes that are exported to BlastIQ™ as Manually Edited holes will no longer have rules automatically applied when importing from BlastIQ™.
      2. Users are given the option to re-apply, or not re-apply, holes that were exported to BlastIQ™, loaded with loading rules unsupported by BlastIQ™
      3. New holes, added in BlastIQ™, will be treated as Manually Edited. 


  1. SP6-1311: Tie in legend was not scaling correctly.
  2. SP6-1383: Connectaline™ was incorrectly labelled as 'LIL' in the tie-in pallette.
  3. SP6-1631: Transform coordinate function not transforming certain hole objects.
  4. SP6-1634: Hole diagram in table view was not showing the outline of wet holes.
  5. SP6-1652: 'Actual' hole diagrams not being shown in Hole History.
  6. SP6-1661: Blast bound polygons were not being generated correctly when radius was less than half the blast burden.
  7. SP6-1673: Fragmentation Calculator generate inaccurate calculations in certain circumstances.
  8. SP6-1674: Delay information for Handidet™ type detonators incorrect when exporting surface initiation designs to BlastIQ™. 
  9. SP6-1675: Lines added via section view were incorrectly position in certain circumstances.
  10. SP6-1701: Row identifier not importing from Logger II .lgf files.
  11. SP6-1702: Blank row included at the top of text files generated by the SHOTPlus™ Text Exporter.
  12. SP6-1706: Water column in the edit hole dialog displaying an incorrect value under certain circumstances.
  13. SP6-1722: DXF exporter was not exporting text entities correctly.
  14. SP6-1730: Importing Surpac DTMs was causing and 'Index out of range' error in certain circumstances.
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