BlastIQ™ Mobile - Deck Recalculation

Release Date: December 2021

Note: has to be turned on in the Admin Portal for the site.

BlastIQ Mobile will recalculate the suggested weight of product required for a deck on the actual side of the charging panel based on the selected product's density and either the design deck length or when a calculated actual length can be estimated. A calculated actual length can be derived from actual information recorded in the deck below when there is a recorded or suggested horizon. Either the recorded horizon for the deck below or the bottom of the hole when no deck below exists can be used when deriving the actual length. 


Product Swap

When a product is swapped in a deck that is of a different density to what was designed for the deck, the required weight of the product will be recalculated.



Deck Underloaded/Overloaded






Insert Deck




Deck Deleted

When a deck is deleted, the suggested weight will be recalculated, but the diagram will not be recalculated as horizons aren't adjusted, only weight. 




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