6.7.2 SHOTPlus™ Release Notes





October, 2021

Version 6.7.2 of SHOTPlus™ Surface Production, first offered to users on Tuesday, 5th October 2021.
A notification will appear on start-up in SHOTPlus™ Surface Production once the update is available. We hope this will enable customers to perform the update without assistance from a BlastIQ™ specialist.
For further information on updating the SHOTPlus™, please contact the BlastIQ™ Support Team via support.blastiq.com.


  1. Export actual loading to BlastIQ™.
  2. Display and tag/un-tag holes as 'Not Drilled' and 'Abandoned' via:
    1. Text import 1.
    2. Hole edit dialog box.
    3. Hole table 2.
    4. BlastIQ™ import/export.
  3. Restricted entering of 'Actuals' for holes marked as 'Not Drilled'.
  4. Filter holes by 'Not Drilled' and 'Abandoned' tags.
  5. Report 'Not Drilled' and 'Abandoned' tags via SHOTPlus™ Reports.
  6. Filter holes that have an Intercept added by BlastIQ™.
  7. Export fragmentation results and curves as a CSV.
  8. Import temperature colour palette and temperature thresholds from a BlastIQ™ site via temperature Analytics View.
  9. View and post BlastIQ™ Plan Level Notes.

Plan Level Notes KBA

  1. Rounded item counts for packaged explosives are now shown in hole loading diagrams.
  2. Import of XML files from RHINO.
  3. Exports 'Depth to Wet Sides' values to BlastIQ™.


    1. 'Not Drilled' and 'Abandoned' are selectable from the 'Measurements' tab on the Text Importer and Text Exporter.
    2. 'Not Drilled' and 'Abandoned' are visible under the 'Hole measures' tab in the Hole Table.


  1. SHOTPlus™ excludes holes marked as 'Not Drilled' or 'Abandoned' from fragmentation predictions.
  2. SHOTPlus™ excludes holes marked as 'Not Drilled' or 'Abandoned' from Volume Overview calculations.
  3. Advanced Vibration Management (AVM™) export/import functionality now requires a bespoke licence key.
  4. Added ability to export text files without column headers.
  5. Added new field to Text exporter - 'Title_HoleID' 1.
  6. Updated the default temperature colour palette to match BlastIQ™.
  7. When setting BlastIQ™ site and resources, SHOTPlus™ now updates the temperature colour palette to match the selected BlastIQ™ site.
  8. Increased the limit for Advanced Vibration Management (AVM™) submission to 5,000 holes.
  9. SHOTPlus™ now correctly notifies users when Hole Type Tolerances are modified based on a BlastIQ™ Import.
  10. When importing tolerances from BlastIQ™, SHOTPlus™ now imports and modifies reporting tolerances - Collar XY, Underdrill, and Overdrill.
  11. Added information to the 'Export Tolerances' option when importing from BlastIQ™.
  12. Item count rounding setting now affects the item count sent to BlastIQ™.
  13. Item count rounding setting is now used for calculating loading designs.
  14. A message is shown when choosing 'Round to half package' option for item rounding that BlastIQ™ only supports whole numbers for item counts.
  15. Updated SHOTPlus™ DXF library. SHOTPlus™ can now export DXFs in the following formats:
    1. SHOTPlus™ Legacy Format;
    2. AutoCAD 2000;
    3. AutoCAD 2004;
    4. AutoCAD 2007;
    5. AutoCAD 2010;
    6. AutoCAD 2013; and
    7. AutoCAD 2018.
  16. Added dialog to notify users of successful exports to BlastIQ™.
  17. BlastIQ™ Plan Level Notes moved to the 'BlastIQ™ Blast Management' dialog.
  18. Charging rules not supported by the BlastIQ™ system no longer block exports to BlastIQ™ from SHOTPlus™ 2, 3.
  19. Updated error, warning, information, and confirmation icons.
  20. SHOTPlus™ will now 'batch' data when exporting to BlastIQ™, to support exporting large amounts of data without timeout issues.
  21. Increased the automatic timeout when exporting a plan to BlastIQ™ to 150 seconds, to support the export of large plans.
  22. SHOTPlus™ will now trim blank characters from Hole Type names on import.
  23. 'BlastIQ™ Blast Properties' renamed to 'BlastIQ™ Blast Management'.


    1. The 'Title_HoleID' field exports the title of the blast, per the 'Blast Header Information', concatenated with HoleID.
    2. Excludes charging rules without conditions or charging rules with tables of a single defined length.
    3. Unsupported rules will not be exported to BlastIQ™ and will not be applied to holes in the BlastIQ™ system. Hole loaded with these rules in SHOTPlus™ prior to export will be treated as manually loaded in the BlastIQ™ system.


  1. The assigned delay time for i-kon™ detonators, in holes with Manually Edited loading, was being deleted in certain situations.
  2. Hole states were incorrectly being updated to 'Updated Design' where tolerances had been changed and Loading Rules were reapplied.
  3. Unhandled error given when opening 'EBS Logging Report' in a SHOTPlus™ file with no electronic detonators present.
  4. WebGen™ DRX units were not being included in the SHOTPlus™ Quantities Report
  5. Underdrill Hole Type Tolerance was resetting to 0.2 m in certain situations.
  6. Redrill tolerance was not being adjusted when importing from BlastIQ™ when tolerance was disabled in BlastIQ™.
  7. Blastholes added with 'Assume Wet Hole' turned on were assigned the incorrect design diameter.
  8. Filter and search hole type drop down was incorrectly displaying Material types.
  9. Manually edited primers were being added to the incorrect deck in certain situations.
  10. Temperature measurements were not being reported when imported via the text importer.
  11. Filter and search ignoring disabled backfill and redrill tolerances.
  12. Filter and search incorrectly identifying redrill holes.
  13. Top of Deck incorrectly being identified as outside of tolerances in Analytics View. 
  14. Filter and search incorrectly selecting holes that were not visible.
  15. Strata surface recalculation was not rebuilding surfaces in some instances.
  16. Importing an Abandoned tag from BlastIQ™ was incorrectly setting the wet state for a hole.
  17. When importing backfill decks via the text importer, missing rows were resulting in an unhandled error.
  18. Design loading imported via SHOTPlus™ text importer was not being assigned to holes.
  19. Reinstated line number in SHOTPlus™ log files.
  20. SHOTPlus™ was not correctly sending Abandoned and Not Drilled information in certain situations.
  21. Reworded error message related to exporting decks without sufficient information to BlastIQ™.
  22. Circles converted to polygons were being moved to the 'default' layer.
  23. Temperature measurements entered into the Hole Table were not being saved or recorded against holes.
  24. Incorrect initiation products available for selection under certain circumstances.
  25. Extended Firing Data with Cosines export reporting incorrect number of decks.
  26. Hole table export causing unhandled error.
  27. Opening Edit Hole dialog was clearing water measurements from the hole diagram in certain situations.
  28. SHOTPlus™ now allows imports of plans with blank tolerances from BlastIQ™.
  29. Initiation times displayed were not being limited to those within the horizon selected on the Status Bar.
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