BlastIQ™ Insights Release Notes - August 2021

New Features

  • Data Export - Download .csv files with all Holes, Decks and Measurements data for a selected blast directly from the blast list.
  • Progress Dashboard Not Drilled and Abandoned holes:
    • New Metric: 'Viable holes' in top metrics. [Viable Holes = Total Holes - Not Drilled - Abandoned] 
    • Calculation Update: percentages of tasks completed based on viable holes.
  • Blast Management, File Storage and Data export now share and persist users search criteria including:
    • Typed in characters.
    • include fired blasts checkbox.
    • include deleted blasts checkbox.


  • Quantities Over Time Dashboard:
    • Total Weight values in bold.
    • Column headers automatically scaled to fit many and long equipment names properly.
    • Horizontal scroll bar to access the complete data table.

Bug Fixes

  • Blast Management - Tags selection not working properly with certain tag name formats.
  • Decks 0 (holes requiring backfill) having issues in the Loading Dashboards maps.
  • PDF reports page break.
  • KPIs dashboard - Date Range filter changes resetting selected KPI.
  • Progress dashboard - resetting Date Range filter after navigating back to multiple blast view.
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