6.6.2 SHOTPlus™ Release Notes


SHOTPlus™ Variant:
Version #:
Release Date:
3 August 2021

New Features

  • Graphical Charging Rules 1
  • Exclusion Zone Calculator Tool

Exclusion Zone Calculator KBA Link

  • Backfill decks (‘Updated design’ and ‘Actual’) are now represented separately in Table View, under ‘Hole loading’.
  • Added ability to export ‘Updated design’ loading from the SHOTPlus™ text exporter.
  • Added the ability to clear ‘Actual Drill Locations’ within SHOTPlus™ 2.
  • Plans and holes with loading rules containing packaged explosives can now be exported to BlastIQ™ 3.


    1. Basic rules only. Strata rules will be supported in a future release.
    2. This does not clear drill actuals already present in the BlastIQ™ system.
    3. Packaged explosive loading rules are not converted to BlastIQ™ loading rules and will not be applied in the BlastIQ™ system.


  • Polygons - Text tag for polygons moved to be in line with the polygon.
  • WebGen™ 100 - Include .csv export.
  • Environmental prediction - Prevent 0 m/s velocity from being entered into vibration monitor ‘monte carlo setup’ dialog box.
  • Text Import - Implemented warning where deck lengths, imported via text importer, exceed the measured hole length.
  • Added warning when trying to import a loading design with missing decks e.g., decks one and three, via the text importer.
  • Update in-hole initiation design when importing an updated loading design from BlastIQ™, and not automatically reapplying loading rules.
  • Improved check for existing Drill Actuals in BlastIQ™.
  • Estimate deck length when deck loading is imported via the text importer and length is not provided.
  • Ignore blank bulk explosive decks imported from BlastIQ™ when building 'Actual' loading.
  • Update text importer and text exporter to standardise available fields and order of parameters.
  • Backfill decks are now classified as a specific deck type for text imports and exports.
  • Updated WebGen™ ICD.
  • Implemented minimum validation for bulk product decks when importing ‘Design’ or ‘Actual’ loading via the text importer. Must now supply at least:
    • Deck No.
    • Product.
    • Length, horizon, weight, or any combination of the three.
  • Implemented minimum validation for packaged product decks when importing ‘Design’ or ‘Actual’ loading via the text importer. Must now supply at least:
    • Deck No.
    • Product.
    • Length, horizon, quantity, or any combination of the three.
  • Increase the number of decimal places used for converting between metric and imperial for coordinate transforms.
  • Blank cells are now ignored for defined columns when using the SHOTPlus™ text importer.
  • Added information pop-ups to the BlastIQ™ Export dialog box.
  • Clarified warnings when exporting plans to BlastIQ™ 1.
  • Variable deck indicators are no longer shown for manually edited holes.
  • Improved validation for Resource List matching between SHOTPlus™ and BlastIQ™.
  • SHOTPlus™ now validates that all backfill decks imported via the text importer are an inert product.
  • Align organisational trees for Text Import and Text Export fields.
  • Changed the hole ordering field for the Default Dip Sheet Report.
  • Added a confirmation prompt when deleting a blast via the BlastIQ™ interface in SHOTPlus™.
  • SHOTPlus™ now validates that all inert decks imported via the text imported are assigned either a deck horizon or a deck length.
  • WebGen™ 200 - Product Updates.
Original Name Updated Name

DRX™ Dev


DRX™ Surface


DRX™ Surface Pro


DRX™ Underground Pro

Pentex™ WS

Pentex™ W Dev

Pentex™ W M

Pentex™ W Underground Pro

Pentex™ W L

Pentex™ W Surface

Pentex™ W XL

Pentex™ W Surface XL



    1. SHOTPlus™ now prevents certain Charging Rules, not supported by BlastIQ™ from being exported.
Bug Fixes
  • Unhandled Exception - Turning off face triangles in Profile Tool workbox caused an unhandled Exception.
  • AVM™ Online Import - Some monitoring point variables were not being set when downloading from AVM™ Online.
  • Initiation Rules - Diameter was being incorrectly converted from imperial to metric.
  • Filter & Search - Wildcard option was not applying correctly.
  • Initiation Rules - EBS offset was not applying when using WebGen™ resources.
  • Drill to surface method was not applying correctly when no surface was registered.
  • BlastIQ™ Deck Histories - First import was incorrectly displaying reference ID's in some instances.
  • Volume Overview Tool - Incorrect calculation when a single row was present.
  • WebGen™ - Logging Summary Report - Det and Deck# were not being populated.
  • WebGen™ - Encoder path - Multiple encoder paths were incorrectly able to be assigned to the same hole.
  • WebGen™ - Enable encoder paths for all charges was not applying correctly.
  • WebGen™ - Unhandled exception when changing blaster type from WebGen™ to i-kon™.
  • Resources - Certain detonator lead lengths were not being recognised as available in the resource list.
  • Text import - Incorrect ‘duplicate hole ID’ warning shown when importing profile log information.
  • BlastIQ™ Import - In certain instances BlastIQ™ exception handling was causing SHOTPlus™ to become stuck in a loop.
  • Exporting firing data with cosines not reporting correct error.
  • Screen refresh issue after using ‘adjust EBS time intervals’ tool.
  • Calculations - Holes loaded with packaged explosives incorrectly registered as misfires.
  • Profile tool - Charging diagram was not updating to current loading design when using the profile tool.
  • Loading rules - All imported Initiation Rules were being shown as Rule No. 0.
  • Text export - When exporting 'quantity' property from the text exporter, the number of packages was not being correctly reported.
  • In some circumstances, Manually Edited Loading was being adjusted when importing from BlastIQ™.
  • Inert decks added in Loading tool were being incorrectly marked as backfill.
  • Importing packaged product actuals from BlastIQ™ was replacing existing packaged product decks with Air in some circumstances.
  • Holes were incorrectly being highlighted in Analytics View – Hole Depth Variance.
  • The variable deck indicator was incorrectly being adjusted for manually edited holes in certain situations.
  • ‘Number of Items’ recorded for Packaged Explosives in BlastIQ™ Mobile was not being correctly imported into SHOTPlus™.
  • Initiation points with no booster were incorrectly failing validation and preventing plans from being exported to BlastIQ™.
  • Unhandled error - When importing plans from BlastIQ™ that contained products not included in the SHOTPlus™ resource list. Error now correctly reported.
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