6.6.10 SHOTPlus™ Beta Release Notes


SHOTPlus™ Variant:
Surface Beta
Version #:
Release Date:
26 July 2021

New Features

  • SP6-1262: Added the ability to clear ‘Actual Drill Locations’ within SHOTPlus™ (does not impact actual drill locations recorded in the BlastIQ™ system).
  • SP6-1345: Plans with loading rules containing packaged explosives can now be exported to BlastIQ™.


Re: SP6-1345 - Packaged explosive loading rules are not converted to BlastIQ™ loading rules and will not be applied in the BlastIQ™ system.


  • SP6-1306: Blank cells are now ignored for defined columns when using the SHOTPlus™ text importer.
  • SP6-1335: Added information pop-ups to the BlastIQ™ Export dialog box.
  • SP6-1339: Holes with packaged explosive no longer have to marked as manually edited to be exported to BlastIQ™.
  • SP6-1351: Clarified warnings when exporting plans to BlastIQ™.
  • SP6-1363: Variable deck indicators are no longer shown for manually edited holes.
  • SP6-1364: Improved validation for Resource List matching between SHOTPlus™ and BlastIQ™.


Re: SP6-1339 - Packaged explosive loading rules are not converted to BlastIQ™ loading rules, holes with packaged explosives will be treated as manually loaded within the BlastIQ™ system.

Bug Fixes

  • SP6-1314: Holes were incorrectly being highlighted in Analytics View – Hole Depth Variance.
  • SP6-1319: The variable deck indicator was incorrectly being adjusted for manually edited holes in certain situations.
  • SP6-1338: ‘Number of Items’ recorded for Packaged Explosives in BlastIQ™ Mobile was not being correctly imported into SHOTPlus™.
  • SP6-1344: Initiation points with no booster were incorrectly failing validation and preventing plans from being exported to BlastIQ™.
  • SP6-1353: Unhandled error when importing plans from BlastIQ™ that contained products not included in the SHOTPlus™ resource list. Error now correctly reported.


  • SP6-1320: SHOTPlus™ now validates that all backfill decks imported via the text importer are an inert product.
  • SP6-1327: Align organisational trees for Text Import and Text Export fields.
  • SP6-1342: Changed the hole ordering field for the Default Dip Sheet Report.
  • SP6-1346: Added a confirmation prompt when deleting a blast via the BlastIQ™ interface in SHOTPlus™.
  • SP6-1348: SHOTPlus™ now validates that all inert decks imported via the text imported are assigned either a deck horizon or a deck length.


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