6.6.2 SHOTPlus™ Beta Release Notes


SHOTPlus™ Variant:
Version #:
Release Date:
24 June 2021

New Features

  • SP6-1198: Allow export of packaged explosives in manually loaded holes to BlastIQ™ (In-hole loading information only, loading rules for packaged explosives are not supported).



Bug Fixes

  • SP6-1177: Certain detonator lead lengths were not being recognised as available.
  • SP6-1253: Incorrect ‘duplicate hole ID’ warning shown when importing profile log information.
  • SP6-1266: In certain instances BlastIQ™ exception handling was causing SHOTPlus™ to become stuck in a loop.
  • SP6-1267: Exporting firing data with cosines not reporting correct error.
  • SP6-642: Screen refresh issue after using ‘adjust EBS time intervals’ tool.
  • SP6-1041: Holes loaded with packaged explosives incorrectly registered as misfires.
  • SP6-1284: Graphical charging rules not calculating charge weights correctly in certain situations.
  • SP6-2184: Graphical charging rule display was showing incorrect loading summary.
  • SP6-1273: Charging diagram was not updating to current loading design when using the profile tool.
  • SP6-1260: All imported Initiation Rules were being shown as Rule No. 0.
  • SP6-1076: Test rules not correctly recognising wet state tolerance for hole types.
  • SP6-1290: DRX ID not being updated when importing information from WebGen™ encoders.
  • SP6-1289: Detonator status not being correctly updated in the EBS logging summary when importing information for WebGen™ encoders.
  • SP6-1278: When exporting 'quantity' property from the text exporter, the number of packages was not being correctly reported.


  • SP6-56: Prevent 0 m/s velocity from being entered into vibration monitor ‘monte carlo setup’ dialog box.
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