2.4.4 SHOTPlus™ Underground Beta Release Notes


SHOTPlus™ Variant:
Underground / Beta
Version #:
Release date:
21 June 2021


 New Features

  • SPU-499: Added ability to empty Manually Loaded Blastholes via the ‘Loading Tool’.
  • SPU-447: Added ability to set primer distance from toe of hole when editing loading.
  • SPU-468: Dip and Dump hole properties added to visibility manager.
  • SPU-518: Export WebGen™ 200 GID information at LGF file.


  • SPU-492: Ring View ‘Ring ID’ text size increased to improve legibility.
  • SPU-500: User warning added when editing a group of holes.
  • SPU-507: Improved object location when drawing at oblique angles.
  • SPU-508: Improve logic for ‘uncharged collar’ attribute.

Bug Fixes

  • SPU-467: Recovery files were being generated with no information.
  • SPU-498: Closing blast properties was causing the main screen to refresh unnecessarily.
  • SPU-494: Rings were disappearing after using the ‘reset’ function in ‘Ring View’.
  • SPU-491: Layers imported via DXF were unable to be frozen using the ‘Layer Manager’.
  • SPU-438: ‘Plan View’ functionality was not resetting the view as expected.
  • SPU-497 Decimal place setting was not being applied to printed reports.
  • SPU-411: Copying a ring object was resulting in an unhandled error under certain circumstances.
  • SPU-493: Ring View ‘Current Ring Only’ option was causing a screen display error.
  • SPU-495: Importing Deswik files was causing a ‘Matrix Inversion Error’.
  • SPU-336: ‘Ring Diagram Portrait’ view was being printed in landscape orientation.
  • SPU-502: Holes in reports were appearing staggered at deck intersections.
  • SPU-506: Objects were being drawn in the incorrect plane based on the users view.
  • SPU-529: System out of memory exception occurring with some large surface files.


  • SPU-501: SHOTPlus™ splash screen wording updated.
  • SPU-515: Align WebGen™ 100 products with selected EBS Blaster Type.
  • SPU-516: Align WebGen™ 200 products with selected EBS Blaster Type.
  • SPU-528: Add total number of primers as reportable attribute.
  • SPU-530: Order initiation point reportable attribute.






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