SHOTPlus™ Underground - Release Notes

Released 4th February 2021


**New Feature**

  • New function to edit the visible significant figures for dimension text.



  • Improved tool tip hints for ‘EBS Set’ tool and ‘EBS Deck Set’ tool;
  • Added new shortcut keys:
    • ESC - close current tool
    • Backspace - undo last action
    • Ctrl + Backspace - redo last action.
  • Added ‘Deck No.’, ‘Position’, and ‘Depth’ in EBS Logging Summary.
  • WebGen™ encoder type set based on DRX version selected.


**Bug Fixes**

  • Fixed issues with.
  • All hole IDs showing as ‘1’ in EBS logging report.
  • DXF import error.
  • Snap to was incorrectly jumping between closely spaced points.
  • Reverse view button was causing clipping error.



  • Updated SHOTPlus™ UG with WebGen™ revised naming conventions.
  • Updated WebGen™ product range in product database
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