- SHOTPlus™ Beta - Release Notes


Released 2nd of February 2021.


 **New Feature**

[SP6-726] - BlastIQ™ Import - Import of wetside values

[SP6-914] - BlastIQ™ Export - Export initiation and initiation rules to the production environment



[SP6-980] - BlastIQ™ Export - New option to allow users to upload without initiators or initiation rules when initiation products do not exist for a site

[SP6-950] - Wetsides and water values are now prevented from being entered or imported from the text importer simultaneously - Only a wetside or water value can be stored at any one time

[SP6-861] - Export to Logger - Hole IDs with letters as a suffix (eg: A1R) are now;

  • Exportable to Logger II
  • Prevented from export to Logger I


**Bug Fixes**

Fixed issues with;

[SP6-967] - Text File Import - System.IndexOutOfRange Exception

[SP6-954] - BlastIQ™ Export - Validation Error - Initiator depth greater than hole length

[SP6-978] - Exceptions Error - System Argument Out of Range Exception when saving some files

[SP6-966] - STR Import - STR Import resulting in unhandled exception error

[SP6-976] - Exception Error - Unhandled exception error when no surface existed for a drill to surface design depth

[SP6-964] - Incorrect initiation rule applied when multiple decks present

[SP6-981] - BlastIQ™ Import - Taponex product import error

[SP6-953] - Licence expiry - Warning shown after save button selected resulting in exception error / frozen splash screen









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