- SHOTPlus - Release Notes


Released 18th January 2021


**Known Issues**

Backwards Compatibility Issue - Due to the change in how Hole Type Tolerances are displayed, files created in or > and then opened in an earlier version will display Redrill and Backfill Tolerances as -1.0 m. This will block uploads to BlastIQ™ until tolerances are set to positive values. To avoid this, please ensure all users are updated to the latest version.


 **New Feature**

Expand selected surfaces - New option to expand selected surfaces to the blast extent

Loading Tolerances - Ability to set loading tolerances by deck (loading rules)




Exceptions view renamed to “Analytics View”

Analytics View - Update "Drill to Method" legend

Analytics View - Update Powder factor to enable viewing of Design, Actual or Design & Actual powder factors

Analytics View - New Energy Factor view

Hole type - New hole type drill tolerance

Hole type - New collar x,y tolerance

IREDES Import - New “IREDES Plan File” import of drill spacial data

IREDES Export - Updated to include left & right co-ordinate system exports

Strata intercepts - Added the ability to export strata intercept x,y,z co-ordinates

Initiation rules - references to primers removed

Text Import - Validation now applied when importing loading data (minimum field requirements are now enforced)

Design Length is now able to be updated when actual hole data exists

Surface recalculation is now disabled when manual intercepts are not used

Visibility Manager - Added stem height

Blast Properties - Strata Definitions - Added user definable Horizon colours

Initiation Rules - Show intercepts labels on rule horizons

Added new Tolerance page accessable from 'Tolerances' button in design data

Filter & Search - Added ability to select Hole type or Material type


Initiation Rules - Intercept labels are now displayed


Text Import - Strata Import now provides auto surface update functionality

Analytics View - Improved 'Drilling Accuracy' view.

Analytics View - New loading exceptions view



Analytics View - Improved 'Hole Depth Variance'.

Analytics views now utilise BlastIQ recorded times from BlastIQ Mobile

Volume calculations - Improved calculation method

Updated AVM capability


**Bug Fixes**

Fixed issues with;

Holes emptied via the edit loading dialogue would incorrectly reapply when closing

Hole table export - Error when exporting data containing hole types 9-12

Loading Rules - Test rules for area condition not triggering

Hole Profile Rules - Rules were not triggering when RL values were imported in bottom up order

Hole Profile Logging Tool - Manual adjustment of strata was not triggering a reapplication of the rules

Boretrak Import - Exception error upon import of Pulsar data

Boretrak Import - Import file access error of Pulsar data

Esc was not deleting free selection loop

Hole deviation tool - missing data upon import

Initiation Rules - Application of rules error

Surface expansion - Blast bounds - Incorrect expansion

Text import - Collar co-ordinates - Exception error

Text Import - Import of actual collar coordinates was incorrectly updating the design length

Inconsistent timing between Standard & Premier versions

  • Premier - Updated to maintain current firing times when applying rules to manually edited loadings.
  • Standard – Rectified issue where some holes would be saved incorrectly as “drill to bench height” when no dipping or drilling data was present

Incorrect design snapshot when updating actual collar coordinates



New WebGen initiation type created in the product database

Blast Properties - Remove obsolete Analytics settings (old exceptions)

BlastIQ Export - Inert products as now sent with a 0 weight

Analytics View - BlastIQ hole states temporally removed

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