Single Blast - Quantities Dashboard

This dashboard aims to provide a view of the consumption of explosives, blasted volume and powder factor, as well as any recorded blast Tags and KPIs.

Dashboard Components


  1. Select a Blast - Choose a Blast from the drop down list. Users can type in to search the desired blast.
  2. Take a Snapshot - Generate a summary Blast report for the selected Blast. Refer to Saved Reports to learn more about this feature.
  3. System of Measurement - Choose to display value on Metric or Imperial units.
  4. Blast Plan View - displays the blast-hole Powder Factor (kg/m3). To learn more, click here.
    • Design hole - Powder Factor calculated using the Design lengths and hole location, and the design explosive weight.
    • Actual hole - Powder Factor calculated using the Actual lengths and hole location and the actual explosive weight. Actual Collar XY coordinates are required.
  1. Summary Tables
    Design and Actuals for:
    • Blast totals for each product.
    • Blast Volume 
    • Blast Powder Factor
    • Blast Tags Categories and Tags. To learn more, click here.
    • Blast KPIs. To learn more, click here.
  1. Deck Table
    • Displaying a deck per row with the details of bulk, air, and stemming type products designed and actuals used.
    • Display hole level volume and powder factor (design and actual) on row of deck number 1 of each hole.

Calculation Logic

Hole Volume

Calculated based on a modified Voronoi Tessellation algorithm at collar and grade of each hole. Same volume calculation methodology as SHOTPlus.

Blast Volume

Addition of all hole volume values.

Powder Factor

Considers only Bulk explosive weight to be divided by the corresponding volume, hole or blast.


Note: Actual Hole Volume, Blast Volume and Powder Factor calculations require Actual XY Collar coordinates values.

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